Engineering Fees Typical cost for consulting work.
Acoustical engineering (Based on an hourly wage of $70.00 to $135.00)
Environmental noise survey of a lot; includes technician with measuring equipment, data reduction and analysis, and written report with recommendations
    Written report with recommendations — LS — — 1,870.00
    Exterior to interior noise analysis — LS — — 614.00
  Measure “Impact Insulation Class” and “Sound Transmission
  Class” in existing buildings, (walls, floors, and ceilings)
    Minimum cost — LS — — 1,220.00
    Priced by wall, floor, or ceiling sections
      Per section, approx. 100 SF — Ea — — 613.00
  Analyze office, conference room, or examining room to assure acoustical privacy
    Per room analyzed — LS — — 539.00
  Prepare acoustical design for church, auditorium, or lecture hall,
  (fees vary greatly with complexity of acoustics desired)
    Typical cost — LS — — 2,290.00
  Evaluate noise problems from proposed building
    Impact on surrounding environment — LS — — 1,220.00
  Evaluate noise problems from surrounding environment
    Impact on a proposed building — LS — — 998.00
Front end scheduling. Coordinate architectural, engineering and other consultant services,
plan check times and other approval times
  For residential and commercial projects — LS — — 7,140.00
Project scheduling using CPM (Critical Path Method). Includes consultation, review of construction
documents, development of construction logic, and graphic schedule. Comprehensive schedules to meet government or owner specifications will cost more.
  Wood frame buildings, 1 or 2 stories — LS — — 4,770.00
Structural engineering plan check, typical 2-story, 8 to 10 unit apartment building
  Typical price per apartment building — LS — — 1,250.00
  Add for underground parking — LS — — 1,020.00
Entrances, Colonial An entrance consists of two pilasters (one at each side of the exterior opening) and a crosshead at the top of the door. A decorative pediment may rest on the crosshead. No crosshead is required if the pediment includes a breastboard. No door, frame or sill costs are included in the estimates below. Unpainted urethane.
Molded one-piece pilasters with plinth blocks, per set of two pilasters [view picture]
    1-1/2" wide x 86" high BC@.800 Ea 40.10 29.40 69.50
    3-1/2" wide x 81" high BC@.800 Ea 50.40 29.40 79.80
    3-1/2" wide x 108" high BC@.800 Ea 62.00 29.40 91.40
    5" wide x 108" high BC@.800 Ea 93.00 29.40 122.40
    7" wide x 90" high BC@.800 Ea 112.00 29.40 141.40
    9" wide x 90" high BC@.800 Ea 144.00 29.40 173.40
    9" wide x 108" high BC@.800 Ea 149.00 29.40 178.40
    11" wide x 144" high BC@.800 Ea 260.00 29.40 289.40
Molded entrance crosshead, without pediment
    40" wide by 6" high BC@.400 Ea 39.90 14.70 54.60
    48" wide by 6" high BC@.400 Ea 47.70 14.70 62.40
    78" wide by 6" high BC@.400 Ea 77.60 14.70 92.30
    40" wide by 10" high BC@.400 Ea 59.20 14.70 73.90
    48" wide by 10" high BC@.400 Ea 71.10 14.70 85.80
    78" wide by 10" high BC@.400 Ea 115.00 14.70 129.70

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