Bath Exhaust Fan with Heater (cont.)
Heat-A-Lamp® bulb heater and fan, NuTone. Non-IC. Swivel-mount. Torsion spring holds plates firmly to ceiling. 250-watt radiant heat from one R-40 infrared heat lamp. Uses 4-inch duct. Adjustable socket for ceilings up to 1-inch thick. Adjustable hanger bars. Automatic reset for thermal protection. White polymeric finish. UL listed. Btu (British Thermal Unit). 6-7/8" high. Labor includes setting and connecting only. Add the cost of wiring and ducting. [view picture]
    2.6 amp, 1 lamp, 12-1/2" x 10" BE@1.50 Ea 53.50 59.80 113.30
    5.0 amp, 2 lamp, 15-3/8" x 11" BE@1.50 Ea 86.70 59.80 146.50
Surface-mount ceiling bath resistance heater and fan. 1250 watt. 4266 Btu (British Thermal Unit). 120 volt. Chrome alloy wire element for instant heat. Built-in fan. Automatic overheat protection. Low-profile housing. Permanently lubricated motor. Mounts to standard 3-1/4-inch round or 4-inch octagonal ceiling electrical box. Satin-finish aluminum grille extends 2-3/4-inch from ceiling. 11" diameter x 2-3/4" deep. Labor includes setting and connecting only. Add the cost of wiring and ducting.
    10.7 amp BE@.750 Ea 68.00 29.90 97.90
Designer Series bath heater and exhaust fan, Broan Manufacturing. 1500-watt fan-forced heater. 120-watt light capacity, 7-watt night-light (bulbs not included). Permanently lubricated motor. Polymeric damper prevents cold back drafts. 4-point adjustable mounting brackets with keyhole slots. Torsion-spring grille mounting, no tools needed. Non-glare light diffusing glass lenses. Fits single gang opening. Suitable for use with insulation. Includes 4-function control unit. CFM (cubic feet of air per minute). 100 CFM, 1.2 sones. Labor includes setting and connecting only. Add the cost of wiring and ducting.
    4" duct, 100 watt lamp BE@1.00 Ea 270.00 39.80 309.80
Exhaust Fan Accessories
Timer switch
    60-minute timer, analog BE@.250 Ea 13.10 9.96 23.06
    60-minute timer, digital BE@.250 Ea 44.90 9.96 54.86
Exhaust fan switch
    On/Off switch with humidity control, white BE@.300 Ea 270.00 12.00 282.00
SensAire® 4-function wall control switch. Fits single gang opening. Top switch for on-auto-off. Other switches for light and night-light. For use with SensAire® fans and lights.
    White BE@.250 Ea 32.10 9.96 42.06
Bath vent kit, thru-wall, UL listed, 5’ of 4” duct, polymeric louvered wall cap, 3" to 4" increaser and 2 clamps. Fire resistant.
    Flexible duct SW@.650 Ea 18.00 26.90 44.90
Roof vent kit. For venting kitchen or bath exhaust fan through slanted roof. Works with both 3-inch and 4-inch ducted units.
    8-foot length SW@.650 Ea 23.00 26.90 49.90
Roof turbine vent with base [view picture]
    12", galvanized SW@1.00 Ea 29.10 41.40 70.50
    12", weathered wood SW@1.00 Ea 42.10 41.40 83.50
    12", white aluminum SW@1.00 Ea 31.50 41.40 72.90
    Add for steep pitch base SW@.440 Ea 9.49 18.20 27.69
    Add for weather cap Ea 11.00 11.00
Belt drive attic exhaust fan, 1/3 HP, with aluminum shutter and plenum boards [view picture]
    24" diameter SW@3.00 Ea 220.00 124.00 344.00
    30" diameter SW@3.00 Ea 301.00 124.00 425.00
    36" diameter SW@3.00 Ea 306.00 124.00 430.00
    Deduct for direct drive exhaust fans % -15.0
    12-hour timer switch BE@.950 Ea 33.30 37.80 71.10

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