Fence, Galvanized Wire Mesh (cont.) With 1-5/8" galvanized steel posts, set without concrete 10' OC.
11 gauge fence fabric, 9" vertical wire spacing
  42" high, 8 horizontal wires BL@.127 LF 2.52 3.79 6.31
  48" high, 9 horizontal wires BL@.127 LF 2.77 3.79 6.56
14 gauge fence fabric, 6" vertical wire spacing
  36" high, 8 horizontal wires BL@.127 LF 2.24 3.79 6.03
  48" high, 9 horizontal wires BL@.127 LF 2.36 3.79 6.15
  60" high, 10 horizontal wires BL@.127 LF 2.66 3.79 6.45
Add for components for electrified galvanized wire mesh fence
  15 gauge aluminum wire, single strand BL@.050 LF .25 1.49 1.74
  12-1/2 gauge barbed wire, 4 barbs per LF BL@.050 LF .11 1.49 1.60
Charging unit for electric fence, Solar powered,
  10 mile range, built in 6V battery BL@.500 Ea 199.00 14.90 213.90
Charging unit, Solar powered,
  3 mile range, indoors or out BL@.500 Ea 132.00 14.90 146.90
Charging unit, 110V,
  15 mile range, indoors or out BL@.500 Ea 52.80 14.90 67.70
Fence stays for barbed wire, 48" high BL@.250 Ea .92 7.46 8.38
Add for electric fence warning sign
  Yellow with black lettering BL@.125 Ea .84 3.73 4.57
Add for polyethylene insulators BL@.250 Ea .22 7.46 7.68
Add for non-conductive gate fastener BL@.500 Ea 4.10 14.90 19.00
Add for lightning arrestor kit BL@.500 Ea 9.80 14.90 24.70
Fence Post Holes
Based on holes 1' diameter and 2' deep with easy access on level terrain. Adjustments for other conditions are below. Per hole dug.
Excavate post hole by hand
    Light soil, sand or loam BL@.400 Ea — 11.90 11.90
    Medium soil, gravel or light clay BL@.600 Ea — 17.90 17.90
    Heavy soil, shale, sandstone, rocky BL@1.00 Ea — 29.80 29.80
Excavate post hole with power auger. Add the auger cost.
    Light soil, sand or loam BL@.200 Ea — 5.96 5.96
    Medium soil, gravel or light clay BL@.250 Ea — 7.46 7.46
    Heavy soil, shale, sandstone, rocky BL@.300 Ea — 8.95 8.95
Setting Fence Posts
Posts set with concrete, including temporary 1" x 6" bracing and stakes. Heights to 6'. Concrete assumes post hole is 1' x 1' x 2' deep. Per post set, using either wood or metal post.
Set and brace wood or metal fence post
    Lay in gravel for drainage BL@.010 Ea .02 .30 .32
    Set 4" x 4" x 8' treated wood post BL@.015 Ea 11.20 .45 11.65
    Set 18 gauge 1-7/8" metal tube post with cap BL@.015 Ea 19.50 .45 19.95
    Check and adjust post alignment BL@.010 Ea — .30 .30
    Plumb and brace post (5 uses) BL@.100 Ea .50 2.98 3.48
    Backfill with concrete or soil BL@.030 Ea — .89 .89
    Tamp soil or rod concrete BL@.010 Ea — .30 .30
    Trowel drainage crown BL@.010 Ea — .30 .30
    Strip bracing and inspect BL@.020 Ea — .60 .60
    Concrete for post base, 60 lb. sack, mixed BL@.125 Ea 3.03 3.73 6.76
Total per fence post (wood) BL@.330 Ea 14.75 9.86 24.61
Wood posts 10' OC, per LF of fence BL@.033 LF 1.48 .99 2.47
Total per fence post (metal) BL@.330 Ea 23.05 9.86 32.91
Metal posts 10' OC, per LF of fence BL@.033 LF 2.31 .99 3.30

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