Prefinished strip flooring
Tongue and groove, 25/32" thick, 2-1/4" wide. Includes typical cutting waste. Installed over a prepared subfloor
    Marsh, case covers 20 SF [view picture] BF@.062 SF 3.73 2.09 5.82
    Rustic oak, case covers 20 SF BF@.062 SF 3.64 2.09 5.73
    Butterscotch, case covers 20 SF BF@.062 SF 4.83 2.09 6.92
    Natural, case covers 20 SF BF@.062 SF 4.84 2.09 6.93
    Gunstock, case covers 20 SF BF@.062 SF 5.33 2.09 7.42
    Toffee, case covers 24 SF BF@.062 SF 4.22 2.09 6.31
    Red oak, case covers 24 SF BF@.062 SF 4.22 2.09 6.31
Prefinished oak strip flooring trim
    7' 10" quarter round BF@.320 Ea 11.50 10.80 22.30
    6' 6"L reducer BF@.531 Ea 30.00 17.90 47.90
    6' 6"L stair nose BF@.531 Ea 35.00 17.90 52.90
    6' 6"L T-molding BF@.531 Ea 37.00 17.90 54.90
Floating hardwood flooring Tongue and groove. Install over concrete or other subfloor using an underfloor membrane. Edges and ends glued. Based on 3/8" gap at walls covered with 1/2" base or quarter round molding. The labor estimates below include laying the membrane, hardwood flooring and gluing.
  Comfort Guard membrane — SF .24 — .24
  Everseal adhesive — SF .11 — .11
  1/2" tongue and groove hardwood flooring, various colors FL@.051 SF 4.18 2.57 6.75
Laminate wood floor, Pergo Plastic laminate on pressed wood base, 7-7/8" x 47-1/4" x 3/8" (20 cm x 120 cm x 8 mm), loose lay with glued tongue and groove joints. Many wood finishes available.
20.67 SF (1.9 square meters) per pack. Includes 10% waste and joint glue (bottle covers 150 SF).
  Pergo Presto, on floors Most finishes BF@.051 SF 2.86 1.72 4.58
  Glued on stairs (treads and risers) BF@.115 SF 3.72 3.87 7.59
  Add for FloorMuffler underlay (100 SF per pack) BF@.010 SF .71 .34 1.05
  Pergo sound block foam BF@.002 SF .41 .07 .48
  Add for 8 mil poly vapor barrier (over concrete) BF@.002 SF .08 .07 .15
  T mold strip (joins same level surface) BF@.040 LF 7.21 1.35 8.56
  Reducer strip (joins higher surface) BF@.040 LF 6.47 1.35 7.82
  End molding (joins lower surface) BF@.040 LF 4.45 1.35 5.80
  Wall base, 4" high BF@.040 LF 3.16 1.35 4.51
  Stair nosing BF@.050 LF 6.86 1.68 8.54
Laminate wood floor, Dupont Plastic laminate on pressed wood base, 11-1/2" x 46-9/16" x .0462", foam back, tongue and groove joints. Pack covers 17 SF with 8% waste.
  Dupont Real Touch Elite on floors Most finishes BF@.051 SF 5.24 1.72 6.96
  Glued on stairs (treads and risers) BF@.115 SF 6.70 3.87 10.57
  6 mil vapor barrier (over concrete) BF@.002 SF .14 .07 .21
Bamboo flooring
Laminated plank bamboo flooring, tongue and groove, 72" long panels. Treated and kiln dried. Installs over wood subfloor. Use 1/2" nail gun. Space fasteners 8" to 10" apart, with a minimum of two nails per board. Assorted shades and textures.
  5/8" x 3-3/4" prefinished BF@.062 SF 4.96 2.09 7.05
  1/2" x 3" unfinished BF@.062 SF 4.95 2.09 7.04
Laminated bamboo baseboard
  3" beveled edge prefinished BC@.040 LF 4.85 1.47 6.32

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