Hardware (cont.) See also Bath Accessories, Door Chimes, Door Closers, Foundation Bolts, Garage Door Openers, Mailboxes, Nails, Screen Wire, Sheet Metal, Framing Connectors, and Weatherstripping.
Keyed entry locksets. Meets ANSI Grade 2 standards for residential security. One-piece knob. Triple option faceplate fits square, radius-round, and drive-in door preps.
    Antique brass BC@.250 Ea 32.40 9.20 41.60
    Antique pewter BC@.250 Ea 36.10 9.20 45.30
    Bright brass BC@.250 Ea 30.10 9.20 39.30
    Satin chrome BC@.250 Ea 26.60 9.20 35.80
Lever locksets. Dual torque springs eliminate wobble.
    Antique brass BC@.250 Ea 74.60 9.20 83.80
    Polished brass BC@.250 Ea 71.90 9.20 81.10
Egg knob entry locksets
    Satin nickel finish BC@.250 Ea 59.20 9.20 68.40
    Solid forged brass, polished brass finish BC@.250 Ea 91.40 9.20 100.60
Colonial knob entry locksets
    Polished brass BC@.250 Ea 86.20 9.20 95.40
Double cylinder high security lockset. Forged brass handle with thumb latch. Separate grade 1 security double cylinder deadbolt.
    Chrome finish BC@.820 Ea 190.00 30.20 220.20
Construction keying system (minimum order of 20 keyed entry locks)
    Additional cost per lockset — Ea 6.69 — 6.69
Deadbolt and lockset combo. Includes keyed alike entry knob and grade 2 security deadbolt with 4 keys. Single cylinder.
    Polished brass finish BC@.750 Ea 55.40 27.60 83.00
Mortise lockset and deadbolt. Steel reinforced cast 1" throw deadbolt. Solid brass latch. Rocker switch locks and unlocks exterior knob. Labor includes mortising of door.
    Left or right hand throw BC@1.05 Ea 194.00 38.60 232.60
Deadbolts. All metal and brass. ANSI Grade 2 rating. 1" throw deadbolt. Includes 2 keys. Polished brass. [view picture]
    Single cylinder BC@.500 Ea 25.50 18.40 43.90
    Double cylinder BC@.500 Ea 36.30 18.40 54.70
Knob passage latch
    Dummy, brass BC@.250 Ea 15.40 9.20 24.60
    Dummy, satin nickel BC@.250 Ea 17.10 9.20 26.30
    Hall or closet, brass BC@.250 Ea 30.10 9.20 39.30
    Hall or closet, satin nickel BC@.250 Ea 35.90 9.20 45.10
Egg knob privacy latchset
    Bright brass BC@.250 Ea 32.00 9.20 41.20
    Satin nickel BC@.250 Ea 39.80 9.20 49.00
Privacy lever latchset. Both levers locked or unlocked by turn button. Outside lever can be unlocked by emergency key (included).
    Rubbed bronze BC@.250 Ea 24.50 9.20 33.70
    Polished brass BC@.250 Ea 34.90 9.20 44.10
    Satin nickel BC@.250 Ea 45.10 9.20 54.30
Door knockers. Polished brass.
    Apartment type, brass, with viewer BC@.250 Ea 18.60 9.20 27.80
    4" x 8-1/2", ornate style BC@.250 Ea 48.10 9.20 57.30
Door pull plates
    Brass finish, 4" x 16" BC@.333 Ea 24.30 12.30 36.60
Door push plates
    Aluminum, 3" x 12" BC@.333 Ea 5.95 12.30 18.25
    Solid brass, 4" x 16" BC@.333 Ea 12.20 12.30 24.50
Door kick plates [view picture]
    6" x 30", brass BC@.333 Ea 51.60 12.30 63.90
    8" x 34", brass BC@.333 Ea 58.90 12.30 71.20

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