Hardware (cont.) See also Bath Accessories, Door Chimes, Door Closers, Foundation Bolts, Garage Door Openers, Mailboxes, Nails, Screen Wire, Sheet Metal, Framing Connectors, and Weatherstripping.
    8" x 34", magnetic, for metal door, brass [view picture] BC@.333 Ea 31.80 12.30 44.10
    8" x 34", satin nickel BC@.333 Ea 40.70 12.30 53.00
    Flour mounted stop, satin nickel BC@.333 Ea 6.20 12.30 18.50
Door stops [view picture]
    Spring type wall bumper, 3" long BC@.116 Ea 2.19 4.27 6.46
    Wall bumper, 3" long, brass BC@.116 Ea 4.90 4.27 9.17
    Floor mounted stop, satin nickel BC@.333 Ea 6.20 12.30 18.50
    Hinge pin door stop, brass BC@.250 Ea 6.55 9.20 15.75
    Kick down door holder, brass BC@.250 Ea 10.20 9.20 19.40
    Magnetic wall stop BC@.333 Ea 33.50 12.30 45.80
    Adhesive rubber cup knob strike BC@.116 Ea 2.36 4.27 6.63
Door peep sights [view picture]
    180-degree viewing angle BC@.258 Ea 11.40 9.49 20.89
Pocket door frame and track. Fully assembled. Designed to hold 150-pound standard 80" door. Door sold separately.
    24" x 80" BC@1.00 Ea 70.50 36.80 107.30
    28" x 80" BC@1.00 Ea 71.60 36.80 108.40
    30" x 80" BC@1.00 Ea 72.90 36.80 109.70
    32" x 80" BC@1.00 Ea 74.40 36.80 111.20
    36" x 80" BC@1.00 Ea 75.80 36.80 112.60
Pocket door edge pulls
    2-1/8" round brass BC@.300 Ea 4.01 11.00 15.01
    2-1/8" round brass dummy BC@.300 Ea 5.94 11.00 16.94
    1-3/8" x 3" oval brass BC@.300 Ea 3.65 11.00 14.65
    1-3/8" x 3" rectangular brass BC@.300 Ea 3.67 11.00 14.67
    3/4" round brass BC@.300 Ea 2.57 11.00 13.57
    Brass plate BC@.300 Ea 5.01 11.00 16.01
Ball bearing pocket door hangers
    Hanger BC@.175 Ea 11.00 6.44 17.44
Converging pocket door hardware kit. For double pocket doors.
    Door kit — Ea 4.69 — 4.69
Pocket door hangers
    3/8" offset, one wheel BC@.175 Ea 3.19 6.44 9.63
    1/16" offset, one wheel BC@.175 Ea 3.19 6.44 9.63
    7/8" offset, two wheel BC@.175 Ea 4.87 6.44 11.31
Touch bar exit hardware. For use with 1-3/4"-thick hollow metal and wood doors. Extruded anodized aluminum with stainless steel spring. 3/4" throw stainless steel latch bolts. Strike for 5/8" stop; shim for 1/2" stop; 2-3/4" backset, 4-1/4" minimum stile. Includes standard mounting with sheet metal and machine screws. Recommended mounting height: 40-5/16" from ceiling to finished floor. 36" maximum width. Rim-type cylinders with Schlage “C” keyway. Includes measure and mark, drill holes, assemble, set strike plate.
    Install, single door BC@1.45 Ea 122.00 53.30 175.30
    Install, per set of double doors BC@2.97 Ea 245.00 109.00 354.00
  Add for monitor switch for electrically operated locks
    Per lock — Ea 73.60 — 73.60
Electromagnetic security and life safety lock system. Surface mounted on door frame. Stainless steel finish. Includes magnet, strike plate, mounting fasteners and template. Costs include connection. Add for wire runs. Magnalock(tm). [view picture]
          600 lb holding force 12/24 VDC E4@2.00 Ea 470.00 99.70 569.70
    1,200 lb holding force 12/24 VDC E4@2.00 Ea 573.00 99.70 672.70
    1,800 lb holding force 12/24 VDC E4@2.00 Ea 660.00 99.70 759.70
    Digital timer, 12/24 AC/DC E4@.500 Ea 219.00 24.90 243.90
    Exit delay timer, regulated DC voltage E4@2.50 Ea 158.00 125.00 283.00

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