Hydronic Heating and Controls (cont.) A complete system will consist of a hydronic boiler, cast iron radiators or hydronic radiation baseboard heaters, boiler controls and accessories. This type system is engineered and designed to meet specific heating requirements. Once design requirements are known, use the figures that the followi to estimate the cost of a complete installed system. For pipe, fittings, hangers and insulation costs, see the Commercial and Industrial section. For more detailed coverage, see the National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator, http://CraftsmanSiteLicense.com.
Installation of packaged hydronic boilers. Add the cost of control wiring, supply lines (electric, feedwater and gas), drain line, circulating pump, vent stack, permits, final inspection and rental of an appliance dolly ($14 per day), come-a-long ($16 per day), a ½ ton chain hoist ($21 per day) or a forklift, if required.
  Place 4' x 4' x 1/2" vibration pads CF@.750 Ea 40.00 26.20 66.20
  Bolt down boiler P1@1.00 Ea 35.70 36.20 71.90
  Connect gas and feedwater lines P1@2.50 Ea — 90.60 90.60
  Mount interior boiler drain P1@.500 Ea 7.98 18.10 26.08
  Bore pipe hole in basement wall P1@.250 Ea — 9.06 9.06
  Bore burner stack vent in exterior wall P1@.250 Ea — 9.06 9.06
  Mount and edge-seal stack P1@.500 Ea 41.00 18.10 59.10
  Mount circulating pump P1@.450 Ea — 16.30 16.30
Hydronic radiant floor heating systems Includes PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tube, the circulating pump, boiler, expansion tank, manifold, return piping, hangers, insulation, thermostatic controls, service fill and drain fittings, anti-crimp pipe support spacers, system commissioning and startup. Add the cost of control wiring, gas and electric connection, permit and post-installation inspection. By rated boiler capacity. Typically, 35,000 Btu per hour in boiler capacity will heat a 2,500 SF home.
Embedded system. 5/8" tube set 12" O.C. in a concrete slab. Includes 1" extruded polystyrene insulation under interior areas and 2" extruded polystyrene insulation at the building perimeter, forms, supports, mesh reinforcing and the concrete.
      35,000 Btu per hour (2,500 SF of floor) P1@120. Ea 6,010.00 4,350.00 10,360.00
      70,000 Btu per hour (5,000 SF of floor) P1@200. Ea 9,510.00 7,250.00 16,760.00
  105,000 Btu per hour (7,500 SF of floor) P1@280. Ea 14,700.00 10,100.00 24,800.00
Thin-slab system. 5/8" tube fastened 12" O.C. to the top of a wood-frame subfloor installed by others and then covered with 1-1/2" plasticized concrete.
      35,000 Btu per hour (2,500 SF of floor) P1@160. Ea 4,980.00 5,800.00 10,780.00
      70,000 Btu per hour (5,000 SF of floor) P1@300. Ea 8,500.00 10,900.00 19,400.00
  105,000 Btu per hour (7,500 SF of floor) P1@400. Ea 11,300.00 14,500.00 25,800.00
  Add per SF of floor for a poured gypsum cover — SF 2.22 — 2.22
  Add for installation in an existing structure — % — — 80.0
Plate-type system. 3/4" tube fastened 8" O.C. with aluminum heat transfer plates either above or below a wood-frame subfloor installed by others.
      35,000 Btu per hour (2,500 SF of floor) P1@100. Ea 4,300.00 3,620.00 7,920.00
      70,000 Btu per hour (5,000 SF of floor) P1@175. Ea 7,360.00 6,340.00 13,700.00
  105,000 Btu per hour (7,500 SF of floor) P1@240. Ea 10,800.00 8,700.00 19,500.00
  Add for installation in an existing structure — % — — 50.0
Hybrid central heating and cooling High air velocity and narrow duct type. Attic or basement mounted modular system. Cooling is with a R22 refrigerant-charged A/C unit. Heating is with an electric hot water heating system. Rated at 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). Provides precision zone control and low humidity for retrofit projects required to meet high energy-efficiency performance standards. Includes automatic mode switchover, individual zone digital thermostats, digital main controller module, transition-mounted duct fans and motor drive, hot water coils and a circulating pump mounted in the air handling unit. Designed for HVAC upgrades of historic buildings, condo conversions and for meeting stringent indoor air quality and occupant comfort standards. See central air filter systems in the section that follows. Add the cost of a hot water expansion tank. Add the cost of equipment rental, if required: an appliance dolly ($14 per day), a 3,000 lb. come-a-long ($16 per day) and a 1-ton chain hoist ($21 per day).
Mount and bolt down hybrid A/C unit, hot water coils and air handler enclosure
  2.0-ton P1@.750 Ea 6,530.00 27.20 6,557.20
  3.0-ton P1@.750 Ea 7,730.00 27.20 7,757.20
  3.5-ton P1@.750 Ea 7,950.00 27.20 7,977.20
  4.0-ton P1@.750 Ea 9,260.00 27.20 9,287.20
  5.0-ton P1@.750 Ea 10,400.00 27.20 10,427.20

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