Evaporator coils for a residential air handler (cont.) Uncased, pre-charged with R22 refrigerant, with flanged mounting base plate, connector tubing, refrigerant fill valve and check valve, twin-finned radiator baffles. For use in conjunction with heat pump units, to be mounted indoors in air handler or air handler ductwork; cased units are to be used for outdoor mounting. Sized by the associated nominal tonnage of the heat pump. Add for LEED certification if required.
Mount interior evaporator coil in air handler duct
  2.0-ton P1@1.75 Ea 423.00 63.40 486.40
  3.0-ton P1@1.75 Ea 476.00 63.40 539.40
  3.5-ton P1@1.75 Ea 528.00 63.40 591.40
  4.0-ton P1@1.75 Ea 581.00 63.40 644.40
  5.0-ton P1@1.75 Ea 634.00 63.40 697.40
Tie-in of connecting interior ductwork manifold and exhaust P1@4.50 Ea 105.00 163.00 268.00
Cutting and brazing of copper evaporator coil piping and drain P1@4.00 Ea 8.28 145.00 153.28
Wiring of controls BE@3.00 Ea 1.55 120.00 121.55
Calibration and test BE@2.00 Ea — 79.70 79.70
Central air particulate removal filter system Residential or light commercial DOP (di-octyl phthalate) type. Provided as drop-in module to manually fit into an air handling units. Complies with Mil-STD 282 (certified removal of 99% of dust particles over .3 microns in size) as well as ASHRAE specifications. For homes, medical clinics and pharmaceutical manufacturing/test facilities. DOP filter type is non-woven denier nylon/cellulose acetate composite with activated carbon final layer. Optional Dwyer-type pressure differential switch and relay provides for automatic shutdown of air handling unit and triggering of signal light when filter elements are clogged with particulates and require cleaning or replacement. Pressure drop across filter is 1" W.C. (water column) to 2" W.C. Sized according to nominal tonnage of associated cooling/heating capacity.
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Equipment Total
Dropping in of filter
  2.5-ton filter P1@.100 Ea 797.00 3.62 — 800.62
  3.0-ton filter P1@.100 Ea 912.00 3.62 — 915.62
  3.5-ton filter P1@.100 Ea 968.00 3.62 — 971.62
  4.0-ton filter P1@.100 Ea 1,020.00 3.62 — 1,023.62
  5.0-ton filter P1@.100 Ea 1,080.00 3.62 — 1,083.62
Mount Dwyer switch on required air handler BE@.500 Ea 171.00 19.90 — 190.90
Wiring of Dwyer switch BE@1.00 Ea 56.90 39.80 — 96.70
Calibrate and test BE@.500 Ea — 19.90 — 19.90
Insulation See also Building Paper and Polyethylene Film. Coverage allows for studs and joists.
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Total
Fiberglass insulation, wall and ceiling application, coverage allows for framing [view picture]
  Kraft-faced, 16" OC framing members
        3-1/2" (R-11) BC@.007 SF .36 .26 .62
        3-1/2" (R-13) BC@.007 SF .42 .26 .68
        3-1/2" (R-15) BC@.007 SF .58 .26 .84
        6-1/4" (R-19) BC@.008 SF .56 .29 .85
        5-1/2" (R-21) BC@.008 SF .78 .29 1.07
        9-1/2" (R-30) BC@.008 SF .84 .29 1.13
        9-1/2" (R-30C) Cathedral ceiling BC@.010 SF .64 .37 1.01
    12" (R-38) BC@.009 SF 1.16 .33 1.49
  Kraft-faced, 24" OC framing members
        3-1/2" (R-13) BC@.005 SF .46 .18 .64
        3-1/2" (R-15) BC@.005 SF .42 .18 .60
        6-1/4" (R-19) BC@.006 SF .60 .22 .82

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