Lumber Preservation Treatment (cont.) See also Soil Treatments. Costs assume treatment at a treatment plant, not on the construction site. Treatments listed below are designed to protect wood and wood products from decay and destruction caused by moisture (fungi), wood-boring insects and organisms. All retention rates listed (in parentheses) are in pounds per cubic foot and are the minimum recommended by the Society of American Wood Preservers. Costs are for treatment only and assume treating of 10,000 board feet or more. No lumber or transportation included. Add $70.00 per MBF for kiln-drying after treatment.
Fire retardant treatments, structural use (interior only), “D-Blaze”
  Surfaced lumber — MBF — — 315.00
  Rough lumber — MBF — — 315.00
Architectural use (interior and exterior), “NCX”
  Surfaced lumber — MBF — — 725.00
  Rough lumber — MBF — — 725.00
Wolmanized treatment. Copper chromated arsenic preservative is not used for residential applications. The term “Wolmanized” is now being applied to ACQ and CA preservatives which do not contain arsenic.
  Lumber used above ground (.25) — MBF — — 116.00
  Lumber in ground contact or fresh water (.40) — MBF — — 142.00
  Lumber used as foundation (.60) — MBF — — 152.00
Apartment type, vertical, meets current postal regulations, tumbler locks, aluminum or gold finish, price per unit, recessed [view picture]
  3 box unit, 5-1/2" wide x 16" high B1@1.88 Ea 165.00 62.60 227.60
  4 box unit, 5-1/2" wide x 16" high B1@1.88 Ea 210.00 62.60 272.60
  5 box unit, 5-1/2" wide x 16" high B1@1.88 Ea 255.00 62.60 317.60
  6 box unit, 5-1/2" wide x 16" high B1@1.88 Ea 300.00 62.60 362.60
  7 box unit, 5-1/2" wide x 16" high B1@1.88 Ea 345.00 62.60 407.60
  Add for surface mounting collar B1@.550 Ea 40.40 18.30 58.70
Office type, horizontal, meets postal regulations, tumbler locks, aluminum or brass finish
  For front or rear load, per box
    23" wide x 30" high x 12" deep B1@1.02 Ea 675.00 34.00 709.00
Rural, aluminum finish, 19" long x 6-1/2" wide x 9" high, with flag
  Black, does not include mounting post B1@.776 Ea 18.90 25.80 44.70
Rural heavy gauge steel mailboxes, aluminum finish, 19" long x 7" wide x 10" high, with flag
  Vandal-proof, does not include mounting post B1@.776 Ea 72.40 25.80 98.20
Suburban style, finished, 16" long x 3" wide x 6" deep, with flag [view picture]
  Post mount bracket, does not include post B1@.776 Ea 24.00 25.80 49.80
  Add for 5' high aluminum post — Ea 52.50 — 52.50
Cast aluminum mailbox and pedestal, 18" x 12" box, 4' pedestal,
  With base, lockable B1@.776 Ea 167.00 25.80 192.80
Bronze mailbox and post, 18" x 12" box, 5' post,
  Steel anchor base B1@.776 Ea 238.00 25.80 263.80
Plastic mailbox, mounting sleeve slides over 4' high post, lockable
  Size 1 box, add for post B1@.776 Ea 50.40 25.80 76.20
  Add for treated wood or aluminum post — Ea 25.70 — 25.70
Thru-the-wall type, 13" long x 3" high
  Gold or aluminum finish B1@1.25 Ea 30.00 41.60 71.60
Wall- or post-mount security mailboxes, lockable, 15" wide x 13" high x 8" deep
  Black plastic and aluminum B1@.450 Ea 65.00 15.00 80.00
Mantels, Ponderosa Pine Unfinished.
Modern design, 50" x 37" opening, paint grade, 11" x 77" shelf [view picture] B1@3.81 Ea 923.00 127.00 1,050.00
Colonial design, 50" x 39" opening, stain grade, 7" x 72" shelf B1@3.81 Ea 1,470.00 127.00 1,597.00
Ornate design, 51-1/2" x 39" opening, with detailing and scroll work, stain grade 11" x 68" shelf B1@3.81 Ea 2,730.00 127.00 2,857.00

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