Mantels, Ponderosa Pine (cont.) Unfinished.
Mantel molding (simple trim for masonry fireplace openings) 15 LF, for opening 6'0" x 3'6" or less [view picture] B1@1.07 Set 325.00 35.60 360.60
Mantel shelf only, with iron or wood support brackets, prefinished
  4" x 8" x 8" B1@.541 Ea 84.40 18.00 102.40
  4" x 8" x 6" B1@.541 Ea 64.40 18.00 82.40
  4" x 10" x 10" B1@.541 Ea 144.00 18.00 162.00
Marble Setting, Subcontract See also Tile section. Marble prices vary with quality, quantity, and availability of materials. Check prices with local suppliers. These prices are based on 200 SF quantities.
Marble tile flooring, tiles or slabs
  3/8" x 12" x 12", thin set over concrete slab.
    Typical cost per SF of area covered SF 22.90
  3/4" slabs set in mortar bed, cut to size.
    Typical cost per SF of area covered SF 76.90
Marble bathroom vanity top, to 96" x 24" wide, with one sink cutout, bullnose or eased edge on 3 sides. [view picture]
    Most colors and textures Ea 1,170.00
    Select colors and textures Ea 1,440.00
Marble fireplace mantel and facing. 46" high to 67" wide overall. Including typical delivery. Custom-made mantels require several months for production and delivery.
    Minimum, plain design, white marble Ea 1,240.00
    Better quality, limestone Ea 2,270.00
    Ornet design, onyx Ea 3,590.00
Markup Typical markup for light construction, percentage of gross contract price. No insurance or taxes included. See also Insurance and Taxes sections. Markup is the amount added to an estimate after all job costs have been accounted for: labor and materials, job fees, permits, bonds and insurance, job site supervision and similar job-related expenses. Profit is the return on money invested in the construction business.
  Contingency (allowance for unknown and unforeseen conditions)
    Varies widely from job to job, typically % 2.0
  Overhead (office, administrative and general business expense)
    Typical overhead expense % 10.0
  Profit (return on the money invested in the business, varies with competitive conditions)
    Typical profit for residential construction % 8.0
  Total markup (add 25% to the total job cost to attain 20% of gross contract price)
    Total for Contingency, Overhead & Profit % 20.0
Note that costs listed in this book do not include the general contractor’s markup. However, sections identified as “subcontract” include the subcontractor’s markup. Here’s how to calculate markup:
Project Costs
  Material $ 50,000
  Labor (with taxes & insurance) 40,000
  Subcontract 10,000
  Total job costs 100,000
    Markup (25% of $100,000) $ 25,000
    Contract price $125,000
    Markup is $25,000 which is 25% of the total job costs ($100,000) but only 20% of the contract price
    ($25,000 divided by $125,000 is .20).

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