Painting, Labor (cont.) Single coat applications except as noted. Not including equipment rental costs. These figures are based on hand work (roller, and brush where required) on residential jobs. Where spray equipment can be used to good advantage, reduce these costs 30% to 40%. Spray painting will increase paint requirements by 30% to 60%. Protection of adjacent materials is included in these costs, but little or no surface preparation is assumed. Per SF of surface area to be painted. Figures in parentheses show how much work should be done in an hour. For more complete coverage of painting costs, see National Painting Cost Estimator at
  Walls, brick, concrete and masonry
    Oiling and sizing (140 SF/hour) PT@.007 SF — .26 .26
    Sealer coat (150 SF/hour) PT@.007 SF — .26 .26
    Brick or masonry (165 SF/hour) PT@.006 SF — .23 .23
    Concrete (200 SF/hour) PT@.005 SF — .19 .19
    Concrete steps, 3 coats (38 SF/hour) PT@.026 SF — .98 .98
  Window frames and sash, using primer to mask glass and prime sash, topcoats as shown
    1 topcoat (100 SF/hour) PT@.010 SF — .38 .38
    2 topcoats (67 SF/hour) PT@.015 SF — .56 .56
    Score and peel primer from glass (peels from glass only) Per lite PT@.020 Ea — .75 .75
Paint Spraying Equipment Rental Complete spraying outfit including paint cup, hose, spray gun.
Rental for Day Week Month
    8 CFM electric compressor [view picture] 92.00 308.00 924.00
    44 CFM gas-driven compressor 135.00 411.00 1110.00
    Professional airless, complete outfit 167.00 558.00 1,460.00
Painting, Subcontract, Rule of Thumb Including material, labor, equipment and the subcontractor’s overhead and profit.
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Total
Typical subcontract costs per square foot of floor area for painting the interior and exterior of
  residential buildings, including only minimum surface preparation
    Economy, 1 or 2 coats, little brushwork — SF — — 2.30
    Good quality, 2 or 3 coats — SF — — 5.34
Painting, Subcontract, Cost Breakdown The costs that follow are based on the area of the surface being prepared or painted. Typical subcontract costs, including labor, material, equipment and the subcontractor’s overhead and profit.
Surface preparation, subcontract Work performed by hand.
  Water blasting (pressure washing), using wheel-mounted portable 2,200 PSI pressure washer
    Light blast (250 SF per hour) — SF — — .23
    Most work (150 SF per hour) — SF — — .37
    Rough surface, grime (75 SF per hour) — SF — — .71
  Light cleaning to remove surface dust and stains
    Concrete or masonry surfaces — SF — — .37
    Gypsum or plaster surfaces — SF — — .37
    Wood surfaces — SF — — .36
  Normal preparation including scraping, patching and puttying
    Concrete or masonry surface
        Painted — SF — — .37
        Unpainted — SF — — .30
    Gypsum or plaster surfaces
        Painted — SF — — .37
        Unpainted — SF — — .19
    Metal surfaces, light sanding — SF — — .18
    Wood surfaces, surface preparation, subcontract
        Painted — SF — — .36
        Unpainted — SF — — .18
    Puttying — LF — — 1.62

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