Paving, Subcontract (cont.) Small areas such as walks and driveways around residential buildings. Typical costs including material, labor, equipment and subcontractor’s overhead and profit. No substrate preparation included. Use $1,800 as a minimum job charge.
  On concrete, laid solid on edge, 8" x 2-1/4" exposure, no grouting, including concrete base — SF — — 18.20
  On sand bed, laid flat — SF — — 12.90
  On sand bed, 8" x 2-1/4" exposure — SF — — 14.50
Concrete (including fine grading) paving
  3" concrete, unreinforced — SF — — 3.54
  4" concrete, unreinforced — SF — — 4.24
  4" concrete, mesh reinforcing — SF — — 4.32
  4" concrete, seeded aggregate finish — SF — — 7.45
  Add for colored concrete, most colors — SF — — .51
Porous paving systems Thin-walled HDPE plastic rings connected by an interlocking geogrid structure, installed on a porous base course for residential applications. Rings transfer loads from the surface to the grid structure to an engineered course base. Installed on a prepared base.
Porous paving system with grass filler. Grid rolled out over base course and seeded with grass mixture. Includes fertilizer and soil polymer mix for spreading over base. [view picture]
  3.3' wide by 33' long rolls BL@.003 SF 2.56 .09 2.65
  Add for 1" sand fill BL@.001 SF .04 .03 .07
Porous paving system with gravel fill. Grid rolled out over base course and covered with decorative fill gravel.
  3.3' wide by 33' long rolls BL@.004 SF 2.50 .12 2.62
  Add for 1" gravel fill BL@.001 SF .09 .03 .12
Plastering, Subcontract See also Lathing. Typical costs including material, labor, equipment and subcontractor’s overhead and profit.
  Acoustical plaster Including brown coat, 1-1/4" total thickness [view picture] — SY — — 39.10
  Plaster on concrete or masonry, with bonding agent Gypsum plaster, 1/2" sanded — SY — — 20.40
  Plaster on interior wood frame walls, no lath included Gypsum plaster, 7/8", 3 coats — SY — — 30.70
    Keene’s cement finish, 3 coats — SY — — 32.60
    Cement plaster finish, 3 coats — SY — — 34.40
    Gypsum plaster, 2 coats, tract work — SY — — 27.00
      Add for ceiling work — % — — 15.0
  Plaster for tile
    Scratch coat — SY — — 14.90
    Brown coat and scratch coat — SY — — 22.60
  Exterior plaster (stucco)
    Walls, 3 coats, 7/8", no lath included
      Textured finish — SY — — 20.90
      Float finish — SY — — 24.60
      Dash finish — SY — — 27.50
      Add for soffits — % — — 15.0
    Portland cement plaster, including metal lath, exterior, 3 coats, 7/8" on wood frame
      Walls — SY — — 34.20
      Soffits — SY — — 39.40
      Deduct for paper back lath — SY — — -.17

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