Solar water heating system (cont.) Water storage tanks compatible with most closed-loop solar water heating systems, heat transfer by insulated all-copper heat exchanger, collector feed and return fittings. With pressure-temperature relief valve and back-up 4,500 watt electric heating element. Rheem.
Active solar hot water system for new one-story home Including design and engineering (new work) [view picture] Ea 5,050.00
For designs requiring special cosmetic treatment Add for concealment of pipe, collectors, etc. % 15.5
Solar pool heater, active heater for pools with freeze-tolerant collector, roof-mounted Per SF of collector area SF 6.90
Water softening system 24 volt electronic controls, demand-driven regeneration, 5,200 grams per gallon efficiency, 200 pound salt capacity, with bypass valve and drain tubing, 2 hour regeneration time.
  30,400 grain capacity, 95 grams/gallon max hardness removal, 5 grams/gallon max iron reduction, 23 to 30 gallon regeneration P1@4.00 Ea 397.00 145.00 542.00
  40,000 grain capacity, 100 grams/gallon max hardness removal, 7 grams/gallon max iron reduction, 40 to 50 gallon regeneration P1@4.00 Ea 497.00 145.00 642.00
Water distillation unit Potable central household water system type, Polar Bear 200-L or equal. Underwriters Laboratories and CSA approved, Water Quality Association and certified performance tested to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Water Quality Act testing standards. Permanent basement mounting, all-electric, 2 parts per million total dissolved solids warranted purity. 220/208/240 volts, 22 amps, 5,300 watts electrical rating. For residential single- and multi-family applications. Includes process condition and flow monitor and 75 gallon tank. Add $500.00 for optional auto-drain kit.
  50 gal/day distilled water unit Ea 7,880.00 7,880.00
  Prepping and pouring of pad P1@2.00 Ea 158.00 72.50 230.50
  Mounting of unit P1@4.00 Ea 145.00 145.00
  Piping of unit P1@3.00 Ea 210.00 109.00 319.00
  Wiring of controls CE@4.00 Ea 158.00 237.00 395.00
  Piping of vents, pipe and drains P1@1.00 Ea 158.00 36.20 194.20
  Startup and inspection P1@1.00 Ea 36.20 36.20
Plumbing System Components
Rough plumbing is the drain, waste and vent (DWV) piping and water supply piping that isn’t visible when construction is complete. Rough plumbing costs vary with the number of fixtures and length of the pipe runs. The figures in this section show rough plumbing costs for a typical single family home using plastic drainage and copper water supply materials. No plumbing fixtures, equipment or their final connections are included in these costs. See Plumbing Fixtures and Equipment for fixture and fixture connection costs. These costs include the subcontractor’s markup. Add the general contractor’s markup when applicable. For more complete information on plumbing and piping costs, see National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator at [view picture]

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