Man Safes, Residential Pry resistant door design, reinforced door jambs, 1" locking bolts, UL approved Group Two combination lock, basic drawer configuration. Installed during new construction.
  Outside dimensions 15" x 19" x 17" Capacity 2 cu. feet BC@1.75 Ea 5,980.00 64.40 6,044.40
  Outside dimensions 21" x 19" x 22" Capacity 4 cu. feet BC@2.00 Ea 6,480.00 73.60 6,553.60
  Outside dimensions 41" x 19" x 42" Capacity 7 cu. feet BC@2.25 Ea 7,480.00 82.80 7,562.80
Sandblasting, Waterblasting, Subcontract The minimum charge for on-site (truck-mounted) sandblasting and waterblasting will usually be about $500.00. Add the cost of extra liability insurance and physical barriers to protect adjacent swimming pools, residences, process plants, etc. No scaffolding included. Based on sandblasting with 375 CFM, 125 PSI compressor. Portable hydroblast and sandblast equipment for worksites beyond 30 miles from base will incur a $50 transit time fee. Typical fuel surcharge is $100 per 8-hour shift.
  Sandblasting most surfaces [view picture]
    Water soluble paints — SF — — 2.68
    Oil paints — SF — — 3.06
    Heavy mastic — SF — — 3.39
  Sandblasting masonry
    Brick — SF — — 2.95
    Block walls, most work — SF — — 2.95
    Remove heavy surface grime — SF — — 3.55
    Heavy, exposing aggregate — SF — — 3.88
  Sandblasting concrete tilt-up panels
    Light blast — SF — — 3.12
    Medium, exposing aggregate — SF — — 3.98
    Heavy, exposing aggregate — SF — — 4.48
  Sandblasting steel
    New, uncoated (commercial grade) — SF — — 3.49
    New, uncoated (near white grade) — SF — — 4.34
    Epoxy coated (near white grade) — SF — — 5.01
Sandblasting wood
    Medium blast, clean and texture — SF — — 3.30
  Waterblast (hydroblast) with mild detergent
    To 5,000 PSI blast (4 hour minimum) — Hr — — 392.00
    5,000 to 10,000 PSI blast (8 hour min.) — Hr — — 406.00
    Over 10,000 PSI blast (8 hour minimum) — Hr — — 648.00
  Wet sandblasting
    (4 hour minimum) — Hr — — 545.00
Sauna Rooms Costs listed are for labor and materials to install sauna rooms as described. Units are shipped as a disassembled kit complete with kiln dried softwood paneling boards, sauna heater, temperature and humidity controls and monitors, pre-assembled benches, prehung door, water bucket and dipper, and interior light. No electrical work included.
Western red cedar panel built sauna room package with heater, controls, duckboard floor and accessories. Glass front. Furniture grade interior. Ready for nailing to existing framed and insulated walls with exterior finish. Ceiling height 7'. [view picture]
    4' x 4' room B1@6.68 Ea 5,990.00 223.00 6,213.00
    4' x 6' room B1@6.68 Ea 8,100.00 223.00 8,323.00
    6' x 6' room B1@8.00 Ea 8,670.00 266.00 8,936.00
    6' x 8' room B1@8.00 Ea 10,100.00 266.00 10,366.00
    8' x 8' room B1@10.7 Ea 13,400.00 356.00 13,756.00
    8' x 10' room B1@10.7 Ea 14,600.00 356.00 14,956.00
    Add for electrical connection wiring — LS — — 335.00

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