Below grade waterproofing, applied to concrete or masonry walls, no surface preparation, excavation, or backfill included, typical job
  Bentonite waterproofing [view picture]
    One layer, nailed in place BL@.079 SF .86 2.36 3.22
  Cementitious waterproofing with protection board
    Spray or brush applied, 2 coats BL@.077 SF 2.62 2.30 4.92
  Crystalline waterproofing
    Spray or brush applied, 3 coats BL@.110 SF 1.79 3.28 5.07
  Elastomeric waterproofing 30 mm per coat
    Sprayed, troweled, or rolled, 2 coats BL@.065 SF 1.48 1.94 3.42
Above grade waterproofing, applied to smooth concrete or plywood deck, no surface preparation included, typical job
  Between slabs membrane
    Sprayed, troweled or rolled, 2 coats PT@.047 SF 1.27 1.76 3.03
  Pedestrian walking surface, elastomeric membrane,
    Applied 4 coats thick with aggregate PT@.086 SF 2.05 3.23 5.28
  Chloroprene/Neoprene latex deck
    Surfacing PT@.144 SF 3.49 5.40 8.89
Waterproofing system for foundations Wrapped over concrete foundation footing. System should be tied into a perimeter drain system at or around the footing. Cover top of system with at least 6 inches of soil and backfill immediately after installation. No surface preparation, excavation, or backfill included.
  MiraDRI(tm) 860 rubberized asphalt membrane [view picture] B1@.075 SF .74 2.50 3.24
  Latex-based primer (400 SF per gal) B1@.075 SF .21 2.50 2.71
  LM-800 liquid membrane B1@.034 SF .17 1.13 1.30
  Carlisle 704 mastic, 1/8" x 3/4", 130 LF per gallon B1@.034 LF .27 1.13 1.40
  Mira Drain(tm) 6200 (200 SF Roll) B1@.075 SF 1.04 2.50 3.54
  Quick Drain(tm) (16" x 50' Roll) B1@.075 SF 3.74 2.50 6.24
Weatherstripping Materials
  Door bottom seals, brass
    Brass “U”-shaped door bottom with adjustment for gaps
      36" x 1-3/8" BC@.250 Ea 17.30 9.20 26.50
      36" x 1-3/4" BC@.250 Ea 19.10 9.20 28.30
  Door frame seal sets
    Spring bronze, nailed every 1-3/8 inch
      36" x 6'8" door BC@.500 Ea 19.40 18.40 37.80
      36" x 7'0" door BC@.500 Ea 20.60 18.40 39.00
    Rigid PVC frame, with silicon bulb / screws BC@.008 Ea 13.70 .29 13.99
  Header and jamb side stripping, adhesive (Peel N Stick®)
    36" x 6'8" door, brass stripping BC@.500 Ea 27.00 18.40 45.40
  Window seal sets, spring brass, adhesive (Peel N Stick®), linear feet per side
    Double hung window, head and sill BC@.008 LF 1.59 .29 1.88
      Add to remove & replace window sash BC@.250 Ea 9.20 9.20
    Casement window, head and sill BC@.008 LF .70 .29 .99
    Gray or black pile gasket BC@.008 LF .35 .29 .64
    Gray or black pile gasket with adhesive BC@.006 LF .75 .22 .97
  Garage door top and side seal
    Kry-O-Gem(tm) fiber gasket in aluminum or vinyl frame (KEL-EEZ®)
          9' x 7' door / screws BC@.500 Ea 42.60 18.40 61.00
      16' x 7' door / screws BC@.600 Ea 55.50 22.10 77.60
    Flexible EPDM in aluminum frame BC@.050 LF 1.65 1.84 3.49

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