03 Concrete (cont.)
Hand labor
  Clearing trench shoulders of obstructions CL@.017 LF — .69 — .69
  Hard pan or rock outcropping Breaking and stacking CL@3.23 CY — 131.00 — 131.00
  Column pads and small piers, average soil CL@1.32 CY — 53.40 — 53.40
  Backfilling against foundations, no import or export of materials Hand, including hand tamp CL@.860 CY — 34.80 — 34.80
Backfill with a 1/2 CY utility backhoe/loader
  Minimum compaction, wheel-rolled S1@.055 CY — 2.66 1.15 3.81
Backfill with 1/2 CY utility backhoe/loader, 150 CFM compressor & pneumatic tamper
  Spec grade compaction S1@.141 CY — 6.82 5.22 12.04
Disposal of excess backfill material with a 1/2 CY backhoe, no compaction
  Spot spread, 100' haul S1@.034 CY — 1.64 .71 2.35
  Area spread, 4" deep (covers 81 SF per CY) S1@.054 CY — 2.61 1.13 3.74
Grading for slabs
  Using a D-4 crawler tractor with dozer blade (1000 SF per hour) S1@.001 SF — .05 .03 .08
  Fine grading, by hand, light to medium soil (165 to 170 SF per hour) CL@.006 SF — .24 — .24
Capillary fill, one CY covers 81 SF at 4" deep
  4", hand graded and rolled, small job CL@.014 SF .21 .57 — .78
  4", machine graded and rolled, larger job S1@.006 SF .21 .29 .17 .67
  Add for each extra 1" hand graded CL@.004 SF .05 .16 — .21
  Add for each extra 1" machine graded S1@.001 SF .05 .05 .03 .13
Sand fill, 1 CY covers 162 SF at 2" deep
  2" sand cushion, hand spread, 1 throw CL@.003 SF .11 .12 — .23
  Add for each additional 1" CL@.002 SF .05 .08 — .13
Waterproof membrane, polyethylene, over sand bed, including 15% lap and waste
  .004" (4 mil) clear or black CL@.001 SF .07 .04 — .11
  .006" (6 mil) clear or black CL@.001 SF .08 .04 — .12
Formwork for Concrete Labor costs include the time needed to prepare formwork sketches at the job site, measure for the forms, fabricate, erect, align, brace, strip, clean and stack the forms. Costs for reinforcing and concrete are not included. Multiple use of forms shows the cost per use when a form is used several times on the same job without being totally disassembled or discarded. Normal cleaning and repairs are included in the labor cost on lines that show multiple use of forms. Costs will be higher if plans are not detailed enough to identify the work to be performed. No salvage value is assumed except as noted. Costs listed are per square foot of form in contact with the concrete (SFCA). These costs assume Standard and Better lumber price of $653 per MBF and $1,310 per MSF for 3/4" plyform before waste allowance. For more detailed coverage of concrete formwork, see National Concrete & Masonry Estimator, http://CraftsmanSiteLicense.com
Wall footing, grade beam or tie beam forms These figures assume nails, stakes and form oil costing $.25 per square foot and 2.5 board feet of lumber are used for each square foot of form in contact with the concrete (SFCA). To calculate the quantity of formwork required, multiply the depth of footing in feet by the length of footing in feet. Then double the results if two sides will be formed. For scheduling purposes, estimate that a crew of 5 can lay out, fabricate and erect 600 to 700 SF of footing, grade beam or tie beam forms in an 8-hour day.
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Total
  1 use F5@.070 SFCA 1.78 3.32 5.10
  3 uses F5@.050 SFCA 1.01 2.37 3.38
  5 uses F5@.040 SFCA .86 1.89 2.75
  Add for stepped footings F5@.028 SFCA .51 1.33 1.84
  Add for keyed joint, 1 use F5@.020 LF .73 .95 1.68

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