Wall forms (cont.) Formwork over 6' high includes an allowance for a work platform and handrail built on one side of the form for use by the concrete placing crew.
Reveal strips 1" deep by 2" wide, one-piece, wood.
  1 use F5@.069 LF .12 3.27 3.39
  3 uses F5@.050 LF .07 2.37 2.44
  5 uses F5@.020 LF .06 .95 1.01
Blockouts for openings. Form area is the opening perimeter times the depth. These figures assume that nails and form oil costing $.25 per square foot, 1.2 SF of plyform and .5 board feet of lumber are used per SF of form. Blockouts usually can be used only once.
  1 use F5@.250 SF 2.06 11.80 13.86
Bulkheads or pour-stops. These costs assume that nails, form oil and accessories, 1.1 SF of plyform and 1 board foot of lumber are used per SF of form.
  1 use F5@.220 SF 2.24 10.40 12.64
  3 uses F5@.149 SF 1.24 7.06 8.30
  5 uses F5@.130 SF 1.05 6.16 7.21
  Add for keyed wall joint, two-piece, tapered, 1.2 BF per SF.
    1 use F5@.100 SF .98 4.74 5.72
    3 uses F5@.069 SF .62 3.27 3.89
    5 uses F5@.061 SF .54 2.89 3.43
Curved wall forms
  Smooth radius, add to straight wall cost F5@.032 SFCA .82 1.52 2.34
  8' chord sections, add to straight wall cost F5@.032 SFCA .49 1.52 2.01
Haunches or ledges. Area is the width of the ledge times the length. These costs assume nails, form oil and accessories, 2 SF of plyform, and .5 board foot of lumber are used per SF of ledge.
  1 use F5@.300 SF 3.06 14.20 17.26
  3 uses F5@.210 SF 1.65 9.95 11.60
  5 uses F5@.180 SF 1.37 8.53 9.90
Steel-framed plywood forms Rented steel-framed plywood forms can reduce forming costs on many jobs. Where rented forms are used 3 times a month, use the wall-forming costs shown for 3 uses at the appropriate height but deduct 25% from the material cost and 50% from the labor manhours and labor costs. Savings will be smaller where layouts change from one use to the next, when form penetrations must be made and repaired before returning a form, where form delivery costs are high, and where non-standard form sizes are needed. For more detailed coverage of steel-framed plywood forms, see National Concrete & Masonry Estimator, http://CraftsmanSiteLicense.com
Column forms for square or rectangular columns Quantities in parentheses show the cross-section area of a square column. When estimating a rectangular column, use the costs for the square column with closest cross-section area. For scheduling purposes estimate that a crew of 5 can lay out, fabricate and erect about 550 to 600 SFCA of square or rectangular column forms in an 8-hour day.
Up to 12" x 12" (144 square inches), using nails, snap ties, oil and column clamps with 1.15 SF of plyform and 2 BF of lumber per SFCA
  1 use F5@.130 SFCA 2.91 6.16 9.07
  3 uses F5@.090 SFCA 1.58 4.26 5.84
  5 uses F5@.080 SFCA 1.31 3.79 5.10
Over 12" x 12" to 16" x 16" (256 square inches), using nails, snap ties, oil and column clamps, with 1.125 SF of plyform and 2.1 BF of lumber per SFCA
  1 use F5@.100 SFCA 2.94 4.74 7.68
  3 uses F5@.069 SFCA 1.60 3.27 4.87
  5 uses F5@.061 SFCA 1.33 2.89 4.22
Over 16" x 16" to 20" x 20" (400 square inches), using nails, snap ties, oil and column clamps, with 1.1 SF of plyform and 2.2 BF of lumber per SFCA
  1 use F5@.080 SFCA 2.97 3.79 6.76
  3 uses F5@.061 SFCA 1.61 2.89 4.50
  5 uses F5@.050 SFCA 1.34 2.37 3.71

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