Ready-Mix Concrete Ready-mix delivered by truck. Typical prices for most cities. Includes delivery up to 20 miles for 10 CY or more, 3" to 4" slump. Material cost only, no placing or pumping included. All concrete material costs in this manual are based on these figures.
5.0 sack mix, 2,000 PSI — CY 113.00 — 113.00
6.0 sack mix, 3,000 PSI — CY 117.00 — 117.00
6.6 sack mix, 3,500 PSI — CY 120.00 — 120.00
7.1 sack mix, 4,000 PSI — CY 122.00 — 122.00
8.5 sack mix, 5,000 PSI — CY 140.00 — 140.00
Extra costs for ready-mix concrete
  Add for less than 10 CY per load — CY 39.00 — 39.00
  Add for delivery over 20 miles — Mile 9.00 — 9.00
  Add for standby charge in excess of 5 minutes per CY delivered, per minute of extra time — Ea 2.00 — 2.00
  Add for super-plasticized mix, 7"-8" slump — % 8.0 — —
  Add for high early strength concrete 5 sack mix — CY 14.70 — 14.70
    6 sack mix — CY 19.40 — 19.40
  Add for lightweight aggregate, typical — CY 51.70 — 51.70
  Add for pump mix (pea-gravel aggregate) — CY 11.30 — 11.30
  Add for granite aggregate, typical — CY 8.11 — 8.11
  Add for white cement (architectural) — CY 67.00 — 67.00
  Add for 1% calcium chloride — CY 1.89 — 1.89
  Add for chemical compensated shrinkage — CY 24.60 — 24.60
Add for colored concrete, typical prices. The ready-mix supplier charges for cleanup of the ready-mix truck used for delivery of colored concrete. The usual practice is to provide one truck per day for delivery of all colored concrete for a particular job. Add the cost below to the cost per cubic yard for the design mix required. Also, add the cost for truck cleanup. Cost will be based on the quantity of pigment required. Pastels require one to two pounds of pigment per sack of cement. Greater color density may require up to five pounds of pigment per cubic yard. Cost per cubic yard based on a 5-sack mix and one pound of color per sack.
    Colored concrete, truck cleanup, per day — LS 87.20 — 87.20
    Most colors (tan, brown, gray, beige) — CY 29.00 — 29.00
    Green (requires white cement) — CY 52.60 — 52.60
    Blue (requires white cement) — CY 160.00 — 160.00
    White concrete pigment — CY 40.50 — 40.50
Concrete Pumping, Subcontract Small jobs, including trailer mounted pump and operator at 15 CY per hour. Based on 6 sack concrete mix designed for pumping. No concrete included. $125.00 minimum charge.
3/8" aggregate mix (pea gravel), using hose to 200'
  Cost per cubic yard (pumping only) — CY — — 15.10
  Add for hose over 200', per LF — LF — — 2.16
3/4" aggregate mix, using hose to 200'
  Cost per cubic yard (pumping only) — CY — — 15.70
  Add for hose over 200', per LF — LF — — 1.90
Concrete Pumping with a Boom Truck, Subcontract Includes truck rent, operator, local travel but no concrete. Add costs equal to 1 hour for equipment setup and 1 hour for cleanup. Use 4 hours as the minimum cost for 23-, 28- and 32-meter boom trucks and 5 hours as the minimum cost for 36- through 52-meter boom trucks. Estimate the actual pour rate at 70% of the rated capacity on thicker slabs and 50% of the capacity on most other work.
Costs include operator and oiler where necessary. Costs shown include subcontractor’s markup.
  23-meter boom (75'), 70 CY per hour rating — Hr — — 137.00
    Add per CY pumped with 23-meter boom — CY — — 3.13
  28-meter boom (92'), 70 CY per hour rating — Hr — — 157.00
    Add per CY pumped with 28-meter boom — CY — — 3.15
  32-meter boom (105'), 90 CY per hour rating — Hr — — 185.00
    Add per CY pumped with 32-meter boom — CY — — 3.20

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