Cast-in-Place Concrete, Subcontract (cont.) Typical costs including forms, concrete, reinforcing, finishing and curing. These costs include the subcontractor’s overhead and profit but no excavation, shoring or backfill. Use these figures only for preliminary estimates and on jobs that require a minimum of 1,000 CY of concrete.
Parapet and fascia, 6" thick — CY — — — 1,110.00
Loading docks, based on 8" walls and 8" slab — CY — — — 504.00
Beams and girders, not slab integrated
  12" x 24", typical — CY — — — 1,490.00
  18" x 24", typical — CY — — — 1,140.00
Columns, average reinforcing
  Square, wood formed, with chamfer
    12" column — CY — — — 1,850.00
    16" column — CY — — — 1,710.00
    18" column — CY — — — 1,550.00
    20" column — CY — — — 1,420.00
    24" column — CY — — — 1,230.00
  Round, fiber tube formed, 12" to 18" — CY — — — 1,230.00
Cast-in-Place Concrete Steps-on-Grade Assemblies Typical in-place costs, including layout, fabrication and placing forms, setting and tying steel reinforcing, installation of steel nosing, placing 2,000 PSI concrete directly from the chute of a ready-mix truck, finishing, stripping forms and curing. Costs assume excavation, back filling and compaction have been completed by others. Crew is a carpenter, laborer and finisher. Formwork is based on using standard & better lumber and concrete and includes a 5% waste allowance. For scheduling purposes, estimate that a crew of 3 can set forms and place steel for and pour 4 to 5 CY of concrete cast-in-place steps in an 8-hour day. Costs shown are for concrete steps with a 6" riser height and 12" tread depth supported by a 6" thick monolithic slab. The “tricks of the trade” next page explains how to use these unit prices to estimate stairways of various widths and heights. Note: Total cost per CY has been rounded. For more detailed coverage of formed concrete stairs, see the National Concrete & Masonry Estimator,
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Total
Fabricate and erect forms, 2 uses of forms, includes stakes, braces, form oil and nails at $.13 per LF of forms [view picture]
  Side forms, 1.7 BF per LF of tread P9@.080 LF .69 3.81 4.50
  Riser forms, 1.5 BF per LF of tread P9@.040 LF .61 1.90 2.51
  Rebar, #3, Grade 60, 1 pound per LF of tread P9@.009 LF .71 .43 1.14
Embedded steel step nosing, 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 1/4" black mild steel
  Angle iron, 4.5 pounds per LF of tread. P9@.004 LF 4.50 .19 4.69
Concrete, .03 CY per LF of tread P9@.030 LF 3.51 1.43 4.94
  Total cost per LF of risers P9@.163 LF 10.02 7.76 17.78
  Total cost per CY of concrete P9@5.43 CY 334.00 259.00 593.00
Tricks of the trade:
To quickly estimate the cost of cast-in-place concrete steps-on-grade, do this:
  Multiply the width of the steps (in feet) times their height in feet and multiply the result times 2.
  This will give the total linear feet (LF) of risers in the steps. Multiply the total LF by the costs per LF.
Sample estimates for cast-in-place concrete steps-on-grade using the procedure and costs from above:
  2'6" wide by 3' high (6 steps) would be: 2.5' x 3' x 2 = 15 LF x $17.78 = $266.70
  3' wide by 3' high (6 steps) would be: 3' x 3' x 2 = 18 LF x $17.78 = $320.04
  4' wide by 4' high (8 steps) would be: 4' x 4' x 2 = 32 LF x $17.78 = $568.96
  7' wide by 4'6" high (9 steps) would be: 7' x 4.5' x 2 = 63 LF x $17.78 = $1,120.14
Tip for using these estimates with The National Estimator computer estimating program: Calculate the linear feet of stair, copy and paste the line “Total cost per LF of risers” and type the quantity.

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