Braces for panels (cont.)
Sack and patch wall, per SF of area (measure area to be sacked and patched, both inside and outside),
  per SF of wall face(s), before tilt-up P8@.007 SF .10 .32 — .42
  per SF of wall face(s), after tilt-up P8@.040 SF .10 1.82 — 1.92
Caulking and backing strip for panel joints. Cost per LF for caulking both inside & outside face of joint,
  per linear foot (LF) of joint PA@.055 LF .27 2.87 — 3.14
Remove panel braces,
  stack & load onto trucks CL@.168 Ea — 6.80 — 6.80
Final cleanup & patch floor,
  per SF of floor P8@.003 SF .01 .14 — .15
Additional costs for tilt-up panels, if required
  Architectural form liner, minimum cost F5@.001 SF 1.95 .05 — 2.00
  Architectural form liner, typical cost F5@.003 SF 2.45 .14 — 2.59
  Sandblast, light and medium, subcontract — SF — — — 1.55
  Sandblast, heavy, subcontract — SF — — — 2.35
  Truck dock bumpers, installation only C8@2.00 Ea — 92.40 — 92.40
  Dock levelers, installation only C8@7.46 Ea — 345.00 — 345.00
  Angle iron guard around door opening, 2" x 2" x 1/4", mild steel (4' lengths) C8@.120 LF 2.70 5.55 — 8.25
  Pipe guard at door opening, 6" black steel, concrete filled C8@.281 LF 33.70 13.00 — 46.70
  Embedded reglet at parapet wall, aluminum F5@.019 LF 1.24 .90 — 2.14
  Integral color in concrete, light colors, add to concrete. Price per CY of concrete to be colored — CY 30.90 — — 30.90
  Backfill outside perimeter wall with a utility tractor. 90 CY per hour S1@.022 CY — 1.06 .31 1.37
Cast-in-place columns for tilt-up Concrete columns are often designed as part of the entryway of a tilt-up building or to support lintel panels over a glass storefront. Both round and square freestanding columns are used. They must be formed and poured before the lintel panels are erected. Round columns are formed with plastic-treated fiber tubes (Sonotube is one manufacturer) that are peeled off when the concrete has cured. Square columns are usually formed with plywood and 2" x 4" wood braces or adjustable steel column clamps.
Heavy wall water-resistant fiber tube forms, set and aligned, based on 12' long tubes. Longer tubes will cost more per LF [view picture]
  12" diameter tubes M2@.207 LF 9.78 9.17 — 18.95
  20" diameter tubes M2@.250 LF 21.90 11.10 — 33.00
  24" diameter tubes M2@.275 LF 26.30 12.20 — 38.50
Rectangular plywood forms, using 1.1 SF of 3/4" plyform and 2" x 4" bracing 3' OC
  Per SF of contact area based on 3 uses F5@.083 SF .76 3.93 — 4.69
Column braces, 2" x 4" at $469.00 per MBF, with 5 BF per LF of column height
  Per LF of column height based on 3 uses F5@.005 LF 1.44 .24 1.72 3.40
Column clamps rented at $4.50 for 30 days, 1 per LF of column height, cost per LF of column height
  Per LF of column based on 2 uses a month F5@.040 LF — 1.89 3.89 5.78
Reinforcing bars, grade 60, placed and tied, typically 150 to 200 pounds per CY of concrete
  Cages, round or rectangular RB@1.50 CY 82.50 96.10 — 178.60
  Vertical bars attached to cages RB@1.50 CY 82.50 96.10 — 178.60
Ready-mix concrete, 3,000 PSI pump mix
  Placed by pump (includes 3% waste) M2@.094 CY 129.00 4.16 7.73 140.89

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