Octagonal pad and pedestal type foundations (cont.) For vertical cylindrical tanks over 3' in diameter. Form costs assume nails, stakes and form oil costing $.50 per square foot and 1.1 SF of 3/4" plyform plus 4.5 BF of lumber per square foot of contact surface. Costs shown are per cubic yard (CY) of concrete within the foundation.
Concrete test cylinders including test reports, with 5 per 100 CY of concrete [view picture] — CY .69 — — .69
Finish, sack and patch concrete, material and labor at .010 manhours per SF with 60 SF per CY of concrete P8@.600 CY 4.24 27.30 — 31.54
Backfill around foundation with utility backhoe, at 40 CY per hour, with .5 CY per CY of concrete S1@.025 CY — 1.21 .52 1.73
Dispose of excess soil on site with utility backhoe, at 80 CY per hour, with .5 CY per CY of concrete S1@.025 CY — 1.21 .52 1.73
Octagonal pad and pedestal type foundation
    Total cost per CY of concrete —@3.95 CY 182.54 195.50 2.55 380.59
Cementitious Decks, Subcontract Typical costs including the subcontractor’s overhead and profit.
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Total
Insulating concrete deck, poured on existing substrate, 1-1/2" thick
    Under 3,000 SF — SF — — 2.44
    Over 3,000 SF to 10,000 SF — SF — — 2.12
    Over 10,000 SF — SF — — 1.78
  Poured on existing metal deck, 2-5/8" thick, lightweight
    Concrete fill, trowel finish — SF — — 2.87
    Gypsum decking, poured over form board, screed and float — SF — — 2.60
        screed and float, field mixed — SF — — 2.13
  Exterior concrete deck for walking service, troweled
      Lightweight, 2-5/8", 110 lbs per CF — SF — — 3.71
    Add for 4,000 PSI mix — SF — — .59
    Add for 5,000 PSI mix — SF — — .44
    Pool deck at pool side, 1/8" to 3/16" thick, colors, finished — SF — — 3.35
Fiber deck, tongue and groove, cementitious planks, complete
  2" thick — SF — — 2.82
  2-1/2" thick — SF — — 3.43
  3" thick — SF — — 3.75
Concrete Surfacing, Subcontract Load-bearing, architectural, three-part, acrylic polymer cementitious resurfacing system. 6,000 PSI compressive strength. Applied over existing concrete, aggregate, masonry, steel, asphalt, foam or wood surfaces. Installed on surfaces that do not require crack repair, brick or tile patterns or the removal of heavy grease contaminants. Includes stain sealer and colored texture coat. Based on a typical 1,000 square foot project. www.permacrete.com
  Applied over new surface — SF — — 1.00
  Applied over old concrete, includes cleaning — SF — — 1.80
  Applied over pool interior, includes cleaning — SF — — 2.14
  Applied over vertical surface — SF — — 2.46
Surface Imprinted Concrete Paving, Subcontract Patterned and colored to simulate slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, wood or cobblestone. 3 to 4 inch depth. Costs include imprinting and texturing, concrete placement and finish, color hardener, release agent and sealer application. Add the cost of grading, forms and form stripping. www.bomanite.com
  Regular grade — SF — — 20.00
  Heavy grade (for heavy road traffic and freeze areas) — SF — — 24.60
Troweled-on Cementitious Coating, Subcontract For direct use on interior flooring, accent areas or walls. Bonds to concrete, wood, metal, plastic or asphalt.
  Cementitious coating — SF — — 14.80

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