Roof Insulation (cont.) Roof insulation. Local regulation can affect the cost and availability of urethanes, isocyanurates, phenolics and polystyrene roof insulation board.
Perlite board roof insulation
  1", R-2.80, C-0.36 R3@.639 Sq 102.00 29.30 131.30
  1-1/2", R-4.20, C-0.24 R3@.728 Sq 150.00 33.40 183.40
  2", R-5.30, C-0.19 R3@.820 Sq 184.00 37.70 221.70
  2-1/2", R-6.70, C-0.15 R3@.956 Sq 230.00 43.90 273.90
  3", R-8.30, C-0.12 R3@1.03 Sq 279.00 47.30 326.30
  4", R-10.0, C-0.10 R3@1.23 Sq 369.00 56.50 425.50
  5-1/4", R-14.3, C-0.07 R3@1.57 Sq 489.00 72.10 561.10
Cellular Foamglass (isocyanurates) board insulation, on roofs
  1-1/2" R3@.775 Sq 372.00 35.60 407.60
  Tapered 3/16" per foot R3@.775 Sq 341.00 35.60 376.60
Polystyrene board roof insulation
  1", R-4.20, C-0.24, foil one side R3@.545 Sq 41.70 25.00 66.70
  1-1/2", R-5.9, C-0.16 R3@.639 Sq 41.60 29.30 70.90
  2", R-8.30, C-0.12 R3@.797 Sq 46.40 36.60 83.00
Fasteners for board type insulation on roofs
  Typical 2-1/2" to 3-1/2" screws with 3" metal disks
  I-60 R3@.053 Sq 3.63 2.43 6.06
  I-90 R3@.080 Sq 5.49 3.67 9.16
  Add for plastic disks — Sq .91 — .91
Exterior Wall Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) Polymer based exterior non-structural wall finish applied to concrete, masonry, stucco or exterior grade gypsum sheathing (such as Dryvit). System consists of a plaster base coat approximately 1/4" thick, and a glass fiber mesh embedded in the adhesive base coat. The base coat is applied over polystyrene insulation boards bonded to an existing flat vertical wall surface with adhesive. Costs shown are per SF of finished wall surface. These costs do not include surface preparation or wall costs. Add the cost of scaffolding if required. Add 50% to the labor costs when work is done from scaffolding.
For scheduling purposes, estimate that a crew of three can field apply 250 SF of exterior wall insulation and finish systems in an 8-hour day.
  Adhesive mixture, 2 coats 2.1 SF per SF of wall area including waste F8@.021 SF .92 1.07 1.99
  Glass fiber mesh 1.1 SF per SF of wall area including waste F8@.010 SF .33 .51 .84
  Insulation board, 1" thick, R-5.0 1.05 SF per SF of wall area including waste F8@.021 SF .64 1.07 1.71
  Textured finish coat, with integral color 1.05 SF per SF of wall area including waste F8@.038 SF .73 1.93 2.66
  Total with 1" thick insulation F8@.090 SF 2.62 4.58 7.20
    Add for 2" thick insulation board, R-10 — SF .42 — .42
    Add for 3" thick insulation board, R-15 — SF 1.06 — 1.06
    Add for 4" thick insulation board, R-20 — SF 1.48 — 1.48
Aluminum Wall Cladding System, Exterior These costs assume installation by a manufacturer-trained contractor, on a framed and insulated exterior building surface, including track system, panels and trim. Alply, Inc.
Techwall solid aluminum panel, 1/8" thick, joints sealed with silicon sealer
  Kynar 500 paint finish SM@.158 SF 20.00 9.39 29.39
  Anodized aluminum finish SM@.158 SF 20.10 9.39 29.49
  Add for radius panels SM@.032 SF 4.04 1.90 5.94

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