Roof Accessories
Roof hatches, steel, not including ladder
  30" x 30" C8@3.09 Ea 505.00 143.00 648.00
  30" x 72" C8@4.69 Ea 1,220.00 217.00 1,437.00
  36" x 36" C8@3.09 Ea 577.00 143.00 720.00
  36" x 72" C8@4.69 Ea 1,290.00 217.00 1,507.00
Ceiling access hatches
  30" x 30" C8@1.59 Ea 305.00 73.50 378.50
  42" x 42" C8@1.89 Ea 364.00 87.40 451.40
Smoke vents
  Aluminum, 48" x 48" C8@3.09 Ea 1,450.00 143.00 1,593.00
  Galvanized, 48" x 48" C8@3.09 Ea 1,270.00 143.00 1,413.00
  Fusible “shrink-out” heat and smoke vent (PVC dome in aluminum frame) 4' x 8' C8@5.15 Ea 1,160.00 238.00 1,398.00
Roof scuttle, aluminum, 2'6" x 3'0" C8@3.50 Ea 569.00 162.00 731.00
  Rotary, wind driven
        6" diameter SM@.913 Ea 76.00 54.30 130.30
    12" diameter SM@.913 Ea 92.90 54.30 147.20
    24" diameter SM@1.36 Ea 263.00 80.90 343.90
  Ventilators, mushroom type, motorized, single speed, including damper
  and bird screen but no electrical work
        8", 180 CFM SM@2.93 Ea 368.00 174.00 542.00
    12", 1,360 CFM SM@2.93 Ea 610.00 174.00 784.00
    18", 2,000 CFM SM@4.00 Ea 871.00 238.00 1,109.00
    24", 4,000 CFM SM@4.86 Ea 1,330.00 289.00 1,619.00
    Add for two-speed motor % 35.0
    Add for explosive proof units Ea 503.00 503.00
Windstorm Certified Roof Turbine Fans Complies with ASHRAE/American National Standards Institute specification 62.2-2007 and Air Conditioning Contractors of America standard ACCA 5QI-2007, “HVAC Indoor Air Quality Installation Specification 2007.” U.S. Green Building Council and Underwriters Laboratory approved. Texas Department of Insurance report # RV-12. Air Vent, Empire, Lomanco or equal.
  12" dia., galvanized steel R1@2.50 Ea 269.00 88.70 357.70
  14" dia., galvanized steel R1@4.50 Ea 420.00 160.00 580.00
  12" dia., high-impact polypropylene R1@7.00 Ea 571.00 248.00 819.00
  14" dia., high-impact polypropylene R1@7.50 Ea 751.00 266.00 1,017.00
    Add for duct hangers R1@.250 Ea 3.76 8.87 12.63
    Add for sheet metal duct R1@.350 LF 5.96 12.40 18.36
    Add for edge flashing sealant R1@.150 LF 2.59 5.32 7.91
Cast-in-Place Concrete Fireproofing Costs per linear foot (LF) of steel beam, column or girder. Use these figures to estimate the cubic feet (CF) of concrete per linear foot and square feet (SF) of form required per linear foot for each type of beam, column or girder. Quantities include concrete required to fill the void between the web and flange and provide 2" protection at the flanges. A small change in concrete thickness at flanges has very little effect on cost. Use $7,500.00 as a minimum job cost for work of this type. Concrete thickness for fireproofing will usually be:
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Equipment Total
  Members at least 6" x 6" but less than 8" x 8" — 3" for a 4 hour rating, 2" for a 3 hour rating, 1-1/2" for a 2 hour rating, and 1" for a 1 hour rating.
  Members at least 8" x 8" but less than 12" x 12" — 2-1/2" for a 4 hour rating, 2" for a 3 hour rating, 1" for a 1 or 2 hour rating.
  Members 12" x 12" or greater — 2" for a 4 hour rating and 1" for a 1, 2, or 3 hour rating.
Labor costs include the time needed to prepare formwork sketches at the job site, measure for the forms, fabricate, erect, align and brace the forms, cut, bend, place and tie the reinforcing steel, install embedded steel items, place and finish the concrete and strip, clean and stack the forms. Labor costs assume a concrete forming, placing and finishing crew of 1 carpenter, 1 laborer and 1 cement finisher. Concrete placing equipment assumes the use of a concrete pump.

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