Wallcoverings (cont.) Based on 2,000 SF job. These costs include 10% waste allowance. For estimating purposes figure an average roll of wallpaper will cover 40 SF. The cost of wallpaper will vary greatly.
Vinyl, 14 oz, on aluminum backer PA@.035 SF 1.20 1.83 3.03
Flexwood, many veneers, typical job PA@.053 SF 3.16 2.77 5.93
Cloth wallcovering
  Linen, acrylic backer, scotch guarded PA@.021 SF 1.50 1.10 2.60
  Grasscloth PA@.021 SF 2.39 1.10 3.49
  Felt PA@.027 SF 3.03 1.41 4.44
Cork sheathing, 1/4", typical PA@.027 SF 1.90 1.41 3.31
Blank stock (underliner) PA@.013 SF 3.48 .68 4.16
Laminated cork sheets, typical PA@.015 SF 5.27 .78 6.05
Laminated cork sheets, colors PA@.035 SF 7.64 1.83 9.47
Gypsum impregnated jute fabric Flexi-wall(tm), with #500 adhesive. Use 360 SF as minimum job size
  Medium weight plaster wall liner #605 PA@.014 SF 1.60 .73 2.33
  Heavy duty plaster wall liner #609 PA@.014 SF 1.85 .73 2.58
  Classics line PA@.016 SF 1.91 .84 2.75
  Images line PA@.016 SF 2.37 .84 3.21
Trimmed paper, hand prints, foils PA@.012 SF 1.44 .63 2.07
Add for job less than 200 SF (5 rolls) — % — 20.0 —
Add for small rooms (kitchen, bath) — % 10.0 20.0 —
Add for patterns — % — 15.0 —
Deduct for job over 2,000 SF (50 rolls) — % — -5.0 —
Vinyl Wallcovering and Borders Solid vinyl, prepasted, standard patterns and colors.
  Gold floral on green PA@.028 SF .70 1.46 2.16
  Red, green and gold PA@.028 SF .68 1.46 2.14
  Ivy and berries PA@.035 SF .68 1.83 2.51
  Pastel shells on sand PA@.017 SF .55 .89 1.44
  Coordinated border PA@.028 SF .43 1.46 1.89
Hardboard Wallcovering Vinyl clad, printed.
  3/16" pegboard C8@.025 SF .52 1.16 1.68
  1/4" perforated white garage liner C8@.025 SF 1.58 1.16 2.74
  Add for adhesive, 1/4" bead, 16" OC — SF .11 — .11
  Add for metal trim — LF .52 — .52
Decontamination and Surface Preparation Dustless removal of undesirable surface contamination and paint from steel and concrete substrates. Applications include PCBs, radioactivity, toxic chemicals and lead-based paints. The removal system is a mechanical process and no water, chemicals or abrasive grit are used. Containment or special ventilation is not required. Based on Pentek Inc. For estimating purposes figure one 55-gallon drum of contaminated waste per 2,500 square feet of coatings removed from surfaces with an average coating thickness of 12 mils. Waste disposal costs are not included. Unit prices shown are based on a crew of three. Use $4,500 as a minimum charge for work of this type. Equipment is based on using three pneumatic needle scaler units attached to one air-powered vacuum-waste packing unit. Equipment cost includes one vacuum-waste packing unit, three needle scalers, and one 150 CFM gas or diesel powered air compressor including all hoses and connectors. Add the one-time charge for move-on, move-off and refurbishing of equipment as shown.
Preparation of steel surfaces to bare metal. Steel Structures Painting Council Surface Preparation (SSPC-SP) specification codes are shown
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Equipment Total
  Steel surfaces, SSPC-SP-11 (coating mechanically removed, bare metal exposed)
    Overhead surfaces, box girders, obstructed areas 30 SF of surface area per hour PA@.100 SF — 5.22 4.73 9.95
    Large unobstructed structural steel members 40 SF of surface area per hour PA@.075 SF — 3.92 3.55 7.47

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