Painting labor costs commercial and industrial work (cont.) Painting costs in this section assume work can be done from the floor or from ladders. Add the cost of scaffolding or staging when if required. Painting costs in this section include no surface preparation and no masking or protection of adjacent surfaces. Estimates for surface preparation and protection of adjacent surfaces are shown separately below. For more complete information on commercial and industrial painting costs, see National Painting Cost Estimator at
  Roll, heavy coating PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Spray light or medium coat PA@.002 SF .10 .10
  Spray heavy coat PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Spray machinery or equipment PA@.003 SF .16 .16
Exterior metals, paint one coat
  Brush metal siding PA@.006 SF .31 .31
  Roll metal siding PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Spray metal siding PA@.002 SF .10 .10
  Spray metal decking PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Brush metal trim PA@.004 SF .21 .21
  Spray chain link fencing PA@.003 SF .16 .16
Pipe or HVAC duct, paint one coat. Consider each linear foot of conduit under 4" in diameter as having one square foot of surface regardless of the pipe diameter. Consider each valve as having 2 square feet of surface regardless of the size.
  Brush, no insulation PA@.007 SF .37 .37
  Brush, with insulation PA@.006 SF .31 .31
  Roll, mitt or glove, no insulation PA@.005 SF .26 .26
  Roll, mitt or glove, with insulation PA@.007 SF .37 .37
  Spray pipe or small ductwork PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Spray larger ductwork PA@.003 SF .16 .16
Conduit, hangers or fasteners, paint one coat
  Brush application PA@.007 SF .37 .37
  Mitt or glove application PA@.006 SF .31 .31
  Spray application PA@.003 SF .16 .16
Exterior metals coated with a single coat of epoxy or mastic, 8 to 10 mil film
  Brush epoxy coating PA@.016 SF .84 .84
  Roll epoxy coating PA@.006 SF .31 .31
  Spray epoxy coating PA@.004 SF .21 .21
  Brush mastic coating PA@.019 SF .99 .99
  Roll mastic coating PA@.008 SF .42 .42
  Spray mastic coating PA@.005 SF .26 .26
Interior metals, paint one coat
  Spray joists and decking PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Brush hollow metal items PA@.013 SF .68 .68
  Roll hollow metal items PA@.006 SF .31 .31
  Spray hollow metal items PA@.006 SF .31 .31
Tanks or spheres, paint one coat
  Roll the exterior shell PA@.004 SF .21 .21
  Roll the exterior roof PA@.004 SF .21 .21
  Spray the exterior shell PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Spray the exterior roof PA@.003 SF .16 .16
Surface preparation for masonry or concrete
  Acid etching, 250 SF per hour PA@.004 SF .21 .21
  Water blasting, 110 SF per hour PA@.009 SF .47 .47
Paint concrete, one coat
  Roll tilt up walls PA@.004 SF .21 .21
  Spray tilt up walls PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Roll stucco walls PA@.005 SF .26 .26
  Spray stucco walls PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Roll form-poured concrete walls PA@.004 SF .21 .21
  Spray form-poured concrete walls PA@.003 SF .16 .16
  Brush elastomeric or mastic, walls PA@.019 SF .99 .99

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