Food Service Equipment (cont.) These costs do not include electrical work or plumbing. Add the cost of hookup when needed. Based on Superior Products Company. (Figure in parentheses is equipment weight.)
Exhaust hoods, 16 gauge grade 304 stainless steel with #3 polished finish. Conforms to NFPA code #96 and the National Sanitation Foundation requirements. Add for exhaust fans from the next section.
  48" deep angled front hood, 24" high with length as listed below
        6' long (205 lbs.) T5@2.00 Ea 1,290.00 99.90 1,389.90
        8' long (250 lbs.) T5@3.00 Ea 1,680.00 150.00 1,830.00
    10' long (285 lbs.) T5@4.00 Ea 2,070.00 200.00 2,270.00
  Additives to any hood above
    Installation kit — Ea 215.00 — 215.00
    Grease filters, aluminum, cleanable, 2' deep T5@.125 LF 46.70 6.25 52.95
Exhaust fans, 2,800 CFM, 1,265 RPM. Wall- or roof-mounted, for use with the exhaust hoods above. Heavy duty aluminum with 115 volt AC motor in a weathertight enclosure.
These costs are based on installing the fan in an existing opening, electrical hookup not included
  Fan for 6' long hood, 18-1/2" square curb size 1/2 HP (75 lbs.) T5@2.00 Ea 1,220.00 99.90 1,319.90
  Fan for 8' or 10' long hood, 23-1/2" square curb size 1/2 HP (100 lbs.) T5@2.00 Ea 1,290.00 99.90 1,389.90
  Additives to either fan above
    Roof curb T5@1.00 Ea 337.00 50.00 387.00
    Variable speed motor controller, 115 volt AC — Ea 159.00 — 159.00
    Lights, incandescent, pre-wired, 115 volt AC — Ea 90.60 — 90.60
    Ductwork, aluminized steel T5@.100 LF 40.50 5.00 45.50
    90-degree elbow for ductwork, aluminized steel T5@.500 Ea 269.00 25.00 294.00
Electrostatic precipitators for restaurant exhaust air purification. Removes kitchen exhaust grease, smoke and odors. Meets EPA, state and most local air quality standards. Multi-stage, self-contained filtration unit with electrostatic precipitator ionizer module, 95% DOP (dioctyl phthalate) Mil-Std 282 media filter, and carbon modules for odor control. For applications in commercial and institutional kitchens such as restaurants, food courts, hospitals, and schools.
  1,200 CFM, 1.5 Amperes P1@16.0 Ea 9,910.00 580.00 10,490.00
  2,400 CFM, 5.0 Amperes P1@20.0 Ea 14,000.00 725.00 14,725.00
Removable oven and stove exhaust hood filters with mounting flue enclosure. Seamless welded design, finished in marine-grade 316 stainless steel, 27" deep hood, with internal blower meeting Home Ventilating Institute certified performance standards. Fully enclosed with baffle filters, halogen lamps, marine grade controls to resist high moisture and heat in flue gases. With backsplash panel and soffit flue venting. Commercial and institutional grade. NSF and NFPA and Underwriters Laboratories approved.
  1,100 CFM P6@20.0 Ea 4,960.00 1,030.00 5,990.00
  1,200 CFM P6@20.0 Ea 7,160.00 1,030.00 8,190.00
  1,500 CFM P6@20.0 Ea 7,720.00 1,030.00 8,750.00
Restaurant cooking area fire protection wet chemical system. Exceeds the standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL-300, Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Restaurant Cooking Areas) and complies with NFPA 17A (Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems), NFPA 96 (Commercial Cooking Operations, Ventilation Control and Fire) and major insurance company guidelines.
      5' wide range hood P6@16.0 Ea 1,750.00 822.00 2,572.00
  14' wide range hood P6@24.0 Ea 3,100.00 1,230.00 4,330.00
Charbroiler, radiant, countertop model, burner and control every 12", natural or LP gas
      80,000 Btu, 24" W (155 lbs.) P6@2.00 Ea 2,170.00 103.00 2,273.00
  120,000 Btu, 36" W (211 lbs.) P6@2.00 Ea 2,940.00 103.00 3,043.00
  160,000 Btu, 48" W (211 lbs.) P6@2.00 Ea 3,780.00 103.00 3,883.00
Deep fat fryer, free standing floor model, electric, 45" height, stainless steel front and top
  40 lbs. capacity (200 lbs.) P6@2.00 Ea 2,010.00 103.00 2,113.00
  60 lbs. capacity (225 lbs.) P6@2.00 Ea 2,600.00 103.00 2,703.00
  Add for filter ready — Ea 358.00 — 358.00

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