Food Service Equipment (cont.) These costs do not include electrical work or plumbing. Add the cost of hookup when needed. Based on Superior Products Company. (Figure in parentheses is equipment weight.)
Garbage disposers, includes control switch, solenoid valve, siphon breaker and flow control valve
  1/2 HP (56 lbs.) P6@1.00 Ea 875.00 51.40 926.40
  3/4 HP (57 lbs.) P6@1.00 Ea 1,180.00 51.40 1,231.40
  1 HP (60 lbs.) P6@1.00 Ea 1,240.00 51.40 1,291.40
  1-1/2 HP (76 lbs.) P6@2.00 Ea 1,740.00 103.00 1,843.00
  2 HP (81 lbs.) P6@2.00 Ea 1,840.00 103.00 1,943.00
  3 HP (129 lbs.) P6@3.00 Ea 2,400.00 154.00 2,554.00
  Under counter, 24 rack capacity per hour. Universal timer
    High temp 70 booster (245 lbs.) P6@4.00 Ea 4,380.00 205.00 4,585.00
    Low temp, chemical sanitizer (245 lbs.) P6@4.00 Ea 3,800.00 205.00 4,005.00
  Upright, heavy duty, semi-automatic, 58 racks per hour. Can be used for corner or straight-through applications
    With booster heater (420 lbs.) P6@6.00 Ea 10,200.00 308.00 10,508.00
    Without booster heater (420 lbs.) P6@6.00 Ea 8,390.00 308.00 8,698.00
Cappuccino dispenser, for cappuccino, hot chocolate or other hot beverages, 1/4" water line required
  Two flavor, 42 servings D4@1.00 Ea 1,570.00 46.60 1,616.60
  Three flavor, 62 servings D4@1.00 Ea 1,720.00 46.60 1,766.60
Multi-station decanter coffee brewer, stainless steel, with water feed tank valve connections, permanent countertop-mounted, 115/230 volt single phase 60 Hertz, with warmer plates. UL and NSF rated.
  Single brewer, three warmers P6@4.00 Ea 719.00 205.00 924.00
  Single brewer, five warmers P6@4.00 Ea 825.00 205.00 1,030.00
  Twin brewers, eight warmers P6@8.00 Ea 1,600.00 411.00 2,011.00
Multi-station urn coffee percolator brewer, stainless steel, permanent countertop-mounted, with water feed tank valve connections, 115/230 volt single phase, 60 Hz, with warmer plates. UL and NSF rated.
  Single percolator urn, three warmers P6@4.00 Ea 669.00 205.00 874.00
  Twin percolator urn, five warmers P6@8.00 Ea 889.00 411.00 1,300.00
Beverage dispenser, non-carbonated, refrigerated, countertop model
  5 gallon, 1 bowl P6@2.00 Ea 839.00 103.00 942.00
  5 gallon, 2 bowls P6@2.00 Ea 1,140.00 103.00 1,243.00
  2.4 gallon, 2 mini bowls P6@2.00 Ea 1,020.00 103.00 1,123.00
  2.4 gallon, 4 mini bowls P6@2.00 Ea 1,620.00 103.00 1,723.00
Educational Equipment Labor includes unpacking, layout and complete installation of prefinished furniture and equipment.
Wardrobes, 40" x 78" x 26"
  Teacher type C8@2.00 Ea 1,480.00 92.40 1,572.40
  Student type C8@2.00 Ea 748.00 92.40 840.40
Seating, per seat
  Lecture room, pedestal, with folding arm C8@2.00 Ea 195.00 92.40 287.40
  Horizontal sections C8@2.00 Ea 93.30 92.40 185.70
Tables, fixed pedestal
  48" x 16" C8@2.00 Ea 422.00 92.40 514.40
  With chairs, 48" x 16" C8@2.00 Ea 606.00 92.40 698.40
Projection screen
  Ceiling-mounted, pull down D4@.019 SF 4.35 .89 5.24
Videotape recorder CE@.500 Ea 126.00 29.60 155.60
T.V. camera CE@.800 Ea 500.00 47.40 547.40
T.V. monitor, wall-mounted CE@2.00 Ea 293.00 118.00 411.00

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