Educational Equipment (cont.) Labor includes unpacking, layout and complete installation of prefinished furniture and equipment.
Language laboratory study carrels, plastic laminated wood
  Individual, 48" x 30" x 54" C8@1.43 Ea 259.00 66.10 325.10
  Two position, 73" x 30" x 47" C8@1.93 Ea 689.00 89.20 778.20
  Island, 4 position, 66" x 66" x 47" C8@3.17 Ea 778.00 147.00 925.00
Library equipment, educational and institutional grade. Meets recommendations of the America Library Association. Complies with FEMA 356 standards and ANSI/NISO Z39.73-1994 seismic safety standards. Each 5-level shelf unit is 72" high by 36" wide by 21" deep. Floor-mounted units require four seismic assemblies. Wall-mounted units require two seismic assemblies.
  Torch-cut or concrete-saw hole in steel or concrete structural frame for seismic mounts (floor or wall) D4@1.50 Ea — 70.00 70.00
  Assemble, bolt down and level each seismic spring module D4@0.25 Ea 141.00 11.70 152.70
  Assemble and position bookshelf D4@1.25 Ea 712.00 58.30 770.30
  Bolt down and level completed assembly D4@0.50 Ea — 23.30 23.30
  Load and vibration test D4@1.00 Ea — 46.60 46.60
  Computer work station, 29" x 59" x 24", duplex unit, freestanding, Achieva or equal, including assembly and two seismic anchors C8@1.00 Ea 413.00 46.20 459.20
  Computer work center, hexagonal, 26" x 80" x 35", seats six, Paragon or equal, including assembly and three seismic anchors C8@1.00 Ea 836.00 46.20 882.20
  Double desk computer work station, 36" W x 30" D, MyOffice or equal, including assembly and two seismic anchors C8@1.00 Ea 1,330.00 46.20 1,376.20
Rolling Ladders Rolling ladders for mercantile, library or industrial use.
Oak rolling ladder with top and bottom rolling fixtures, non-slip treads, pre-finished. By floor to track height. Painted aluminum hardware. See the cost of ladder track below.
      Up to 9'6" high D4@.819 Ea 650.00 38.20 688.20
      9'6" to 10'6" high D4@.819 Ea 680.00 38.20 718.20
  10'6" to 11'6" high D4@1.09 Ea 730.00 50.80 780.80
  11'6" to 12'6" high D4@1.09 Ea 769.00 50.80 819.80
  12'6" to 13'6" high D4@1.09 Ea 813.00 50.80 863.80
  13' to 14'6" high D4@1.09 Ea 846.00 50.80 896.80
  Add for bend at ladder top or bottom — Ea 94.50 — 94.50
  Add for brass or chrome hardware — Ea 107.00 — 107.00
  Add for ladder work shelf — Ea 73.70 — 73.70
  Add for handrail — Ea 50.30 — 50.30
Rolling ladder track, 7/8" slotted steel, per foot of length, 9' to 14' high
  Painted aluminum finish D4@.089 LF 6.30 4.15 10.45
  Painted black finish D4@.089 LF 6.15 4.15 10.30
  Brass or chrome plated finish D4@.089 LF 14.60 4.15 18.75
  Corner bend track, 90 degree, 30" radius
    Painted finish D4@.363 Ea 52.10 16.90 69.00
    Chrome or brass finish D4@.363 Ea 83.10 16.90 100.00
Educational Computer Network Wiring
These estimates assume installation in steel frame interior walls and suspended ceilings before drywall and ceiling finish are installed. All cable runs terminate to either a telephone closet or a server room. All runs are to a punch block at both the distribution end and central interconnect. Underground cable runs assume communications duct has been installed by others. Central interconnect locations are usually a classroom located near or in a cluster of classroom buildings. One-hundred-pair cable is suitable for 12 network connections with 2 spares.
Campus network wiring pulled in underground communications duct from a central interconnection location to a distribution point. Based on a 1,000' cable run.
Category 5E cable
      25 pair cable E4@.043 LF 1.38 2.14 3.52
  100 pair cable E4@.043 LF 5.00 2.14 7.14

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