Educational Computer Network Wiring (cont.)
Cable pulling come-along, 3,000 pound rating
  Rental per day — Day 15.00 — 15.00
  Rental per week — Wk 60.00 — 60.00
  Rental per month — Mo 180.00 — 180.00
Plywood backboard mount for a wall-mount rack supporting the patch panel and network switches. Set on a masonry wall.
  4' x 4' x 3/4" E4@.938 Ea 10.60 46.70 57.30
  4' x 8' x 3/4" E4@1.10 Ea 21.10 54.80 75.90
Classroom punch down assembly, wall-mounted, includes frame and 12 port, 110 style punch down. Does not include labor to punch down cable connections.
  Wall mounting frame with 110 style punch down E4@.250 Ea 135.00 12.50 147.50
Classroom network station wiring, category 5E twisted pair 350 mbps cable pulled in conduit from a classroom to a central interconnect point. Based on 1,000' cable run with conduit installed by others. Add the cost of cable testing below.
  4 pair UTP plenum-rated solid wire cable E4@.008 LF 0.21 .40 .61
Network cable wall-mount rack with category 6 rack mount patch panels and 110 style punch down blocks. A wall-mount rack will hold eight 6" rack mount devices. Add the cost of cable punch down below.
  24 port patch panel E4@.250 Ea 379.00 12.50 391.50
  48 port patch panel E4@.350 Ea 547.00 17.40 564.40
  96 port patch panel E4@.450 Ea 835.00 22.40 857.40
Cable punch down. Labor for punch down (connection) on a 110 style block mounted in a classroom, central interconnect point or at server room.
  Per four pair of cable connections E4@.020 Ea — 1.00 1.00
Network cable testing, using a dedicated cable tester, shielded or unshielded cable
  Per twisted pair E4@.125 Ea — 6.23 6.23
Distribution of patch panel connections to a network switch. Includes 10/100 network switch and patch cables
  24 station connection CE@.330 Ea 375.00 19.50 394.50
  48 station connection CE@.500 Ea 995.00 29.60 1,024.60
  96 station connection CE@1.00 Ea 1,990.00 59.20 2,049.20
Wireless access point. Use the network wire pulling and termination costs above. Access points are usually installed 12" below the finished ceiling on a small shelf. Add the cost of an electrical outlet at the access point. Count each access point as one station termination and connection.
  Wireless access point CE@.100 Ea 68.50 5.92 74.42
High gain antenna for extended range on a wireless access point. Add the cost of a RG-6U cable run to the wireless access point.
  18Dbi high gain panel antenna CE@.100 Ea 123.00 5.92 128.92
Ecclesiastical Equipment Labor includes unpacking, layout and complete installation of prefinished furniture and equipment.
Lecterns, 16" x 24"
  Plain C8@4.48 Ea 710.00 207.00 917.00
  Deluxe C8@4.48 Ea 1,290.00 207.00 1,497.00
  Premium C8@4.48 Ea 2,490.00 207.00 2,697.00
  Plain C8@4.77 Ea 804.00 220.00 1,024.00
  Deluxe C8@4.77 Ea 1,250.00 220.00 1,470.00
  Premium C8@4.77 Ea 3,120.00 220.00 3,340.00
Arks, with curtain
  Plain C8@5.97 Ea 833.00 276.00 1,109.00
  Deluxe C8@5.97 Ea 1,090.00 276.00 1,366.00
  Premium C8@5.97 Ea 1,810.00 276.00 2,086.00

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