Public address systems For small to medium (1,500 seat) venues such as school assembly halls or civic centers. Includes a linear amplifier, filtered power supply, stage-mounted cable fixtures with covers, pedestal stage microphones, ground fault protection to American Federation of Musicians safety standards, fixed wall-hung speakers, pre-wired permanent conduit runs, removable stage monitors, and security cabinet with lockset for equipment storage.
  Pre-wired conduit E4@5.00 CLF 53.70 249.00 302.70
  Stage cable fixtures E4@2.00 Ea 10.80 99.70 110.50
  Ground fault protection E4@1.00 Ea 322.00 49.80 371.80
  Fixed speakers B1@.500 Ea 483.00 16.70 499.70
  Amplifier and power supply E4@.500 Ea 860.00 24.90 884.90
  Security cabinet B1@1.50 Ea 1,290.00 50.00 1,340.00
  Calibration and test E4@4.00 Ea — 199.00 199.00
Acoustically engineered sound reduction paneling Cost includes vertical support studs, spacers, fasteners and trim. Complies with American Institute of Sound Engineering specifications. Per square foot of wall or ceiling covered.
  Sidewall coverage D2@.040 SF 1.58 1.83 3.41
  Ceiling coverage D2@.060 SF 1.58 2.75 4.33
Specialty mobile HVAC for performing stage zone “spot” cooling to American Federation of Musicians and Screen Actors Guild safety standards. For below-stage mounting in live theaters and for shooting stages for cinema and television work. Includes integral ground fault protection. Material only. Directional ducting costs not included.
  250,000 Btu Unit — Ea — — 31,800.00
Specialty theater panic exit double doors Includes pre-hung frame, vertical center bar main brace, overhead illuminated light emitting diode “fire exit only” sign, fire alarm system interlocking switch and digital alarm horn, external-only safety lockset and panic bar. To National Fire Protection Association standards and specifications.
  Double doors, per pair B1@.500 Ea 1,550.00 16.70 1,566.70
  Wiring of interlock alarm and sign E4@2.00 Ea 609.00 99.70 708.70
  Calibration and test E4@3.00 Ea — 149.00 149.00
Gymnasium and Athletic Equipment
Basketball backstops
  Fixed, wall-mounted D4@8.00 Ea 772.00 373.00 1,145.00
  Swing-up, wall-mounted D4@10.0 Ea 1,010.00 466.00 1,476.00
  Ceiling suspended, to 20', swing-up manual D4@16.0 Ea 2,210.00 746.00 2,956.00
  Add for glass backstop, fan shape — Ea 676.00 — 676.00
  Add for glass backstop, rectangular — Ea 759.00 — 759.00
  Add for power operation — Ea — — 630.00
Gym floors, typical subcontract prices, not including subfloor or base
  Synthetic gym floor, 3/16" — SF — — 6.30
  Synthetic gym floor, 3/8" — SF — — 8.30
  Built-up wood “spring system” maple floor — SF — — 11.80
  Rubber cushioned maple floor — SF — — 10.40
  Maple floor on sleepers and membrane Unfinished — SF — — 8.15
  Apparatus inserts — Ea — — 43.80
Bleachers, telescoping, manual, per seat D4@.187 Ea 49.40 8.72 58.12
Bleachers, hydraulic operated, per seat D4@.235 Ea 67.30 11.00 78.30
Scoreboards, basketball, single face
  Economy CE@7.01 Ea 1,470.00 415.00 1,885.00
  Good CE@13.0 Ea 2,000.00 770.00 2,770.00
  Premium CE@21.6 Ea 3,170.00 1,280.00 4,450.00

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