Weight and exercise equipment room, commercial and educational facility grade, on a 4" concrete slab supporting special composite low-impact padded exercise room flooring. Costs include labor for bolting of equipment to the floor but do not include the slab or flooring costs, electrical connections where required or cost of equipment assembly..
  Weight machine B9@.500 Ea 3,600.00 16.20 3,616.20
  Rowing machine B9@.250 Ea 1,300.00 8.12 1,308.12
  Treadmill B9@.250 Ea 2,600.00 8.12 2,608.12
  Stationary bicycle B9@.250 Ea 950.00 8.12 958.12
  Boxing ring B9@4.00 Ea 8,000.00 130.00 8,130.00
  Trampoline B9@2.00 Ea 595.00 64.90 659.90
  Parallel bars B9@.500 Ea 2,250.00 16.20 2,266.20
  Balance bar B9@.250 Ea 1,250.00 8.12 1,258.12
Playing Fields Typical subcontract costs. Use 3,000 SF as a minimum job charge.
Playing fields, synthetic surface
  Turf, including base and turf — SF — — 13.30
  Turf, 3 layer, base foam, turf — SF — — 14.40
  Uniturf, embossed running surface, 3/8" — SF — — 9.80
Running track
  Volcanic cinder, 7" — SF — — 3.29
  Bituminous and cork, 2" — SF — — 4.45
Artificial grass turf, glue-down carpet installation includes cleaning application surface, adhesive, seam seal and rolling. Based on 100 SY job. Challenger Industries, www.challengerind.com
  Economy grade non-directional turf F9@.055 SY 5.77 2.50 8.27
  Mid grade non-directional weather resistant turf F9@.055 SY 6.91 2.50 9.41
  High performance non-directional UV stabilized turf F9@.055 SY 7.87 2.50 10.37
  Miniature golf style weather resistant turf F9@.055 SY 8.08 2.50 10.58
  Premium spike-proof non-directional UV stabilized turf F9@.065 SY 19.90 2.95 22.85
  Padded spike-proof non-directional UV stabilized turf F9@.065 SY 22.10 2.95 25.05
Carpet adhesive (25 SY per gallon) — Gal 13.90 — 13.90
Seam sealer (800 LF per gallon) — Gal 48.00 — 48.00
Spike-proof indoor carpeting
  Economy grade patterned carpet F9@.060 SY 15.80 2.73 18.53
  Mid grade patterned carpet F9@.060 SY 17.40 2.73 20.13
  Mid grade insignia carpet F9@.060 SY 23.60 2.73 26.33
  Premium patterned carpet F9@.060 SY 27.60 2.73 30.33
Athletic Equipment Installed with a 4,000 lb. capacity forklift.
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Equipment Total
Football goals, costs shown are for two goals for one field. Galvanized steel pipe.
    4-1/2" center support post S6@22.0 Pr 2,730.00 1,010.00 254.00 3,994.00
    6-5/8" center support post S6@24.0 Pr 5,380.00 1,100.00 277.00 6,757.00
  Combination football/soccer goal, regulation size, galvanized
    steel pipe, dual uprights S6@24.0 Pr 2,430.00 1,100.00 277.00 3,807.00
Soccer goals, regulation size, costs shown are for two goals for one field
  Aluminum frame with net S6@24.0 Pr 2,760.00 1,100.00 277.00 4,137.00
Outdoor, playground style basketball goals, single support, adjustable, 6' backboard extension aluminum fan backboard, hoop and net
  Single goal S6@12.0 Ea 944.00 549.00 139.00 1,632.00
  Double goal, back to back S6@15.0 Ea 1,320.00 686.00 173.00 2,179.00
Volleyball nets, with galvanized posts net, and ground sleeves
  Per net S6@18.0 Ea 1,010.00 823.00 208.00 2,041.00

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