Commercial-grade awnings, (cont.) for restaurant patios, cafιs, office outdoor break areas and for solar thermal influx mitigation above glazing. These units meet Western Canvas Products Association standards. Standard fabric is weatherproofed woven, solution-dyed polyester. Complies with Professional Awning Manufacturers Association standards. Arquati Roma, Milano or equal. Add the cost of electric connection and backlighting, if required.
Freestanding or wall-braced canopy-type awning. With pre-assembled roller tube and hood assembly, vertical anodized aluminum support hood roller guide columns, transverse and parallel anodized aluminum girders with hood expander/retractor roller guide and mounting vertical support base-plate assemblies. Lengths to 42 feet and projections up to 22 feet. Aluminum frame construction, stainless-steel fasteners, motor and controls, rainproof hood, Kevlar pulley cord, roller-bearing pulley and hood guides. [view picture]
Reinforcing soffit/wall-mount support and attaching transverse-mount support to soffit or wall H1@.010 Ea 288.00 .53 288.53
Lifting and mounting mechanical assembly H1@1.45 Ea 191.00 77.50 268.50
Mounting and leveling frame, arm and fabric assembly, per SF of fabric H1@.015 SF 29.60 .80 30.40
Adjusting fabric tautness and lateral arm tensioning and adjusting arm pulleys H1@0.80 Ea — 42.80 42.80
Additional costs for retractable awnings. Wind sensor, motorized reel, automatic actuator and safety interlock are mandatory for compliance with Dade County (Florida) construction code.
  Add for woven flame-retardant fiber — % 5.0 — —
  Add for expanded Teflon-coated glass fiber (PTFE) — % 8.0 — —
  Add for painted or laser-printed custom logo and lettering — % 3.0 — —
  Add for decal-mounted logo and text — % 2.0 — —
  Add for wind sensor, auto crank and safety interlock — % 5.0 — —
  Add for motorized crank — % 10.0 — —
  Add for calibrating and testing auto crank, wind sensor and automatic actuator H1@0.80 Ea — 42.80 42.80
Cabinets Cost per linear foot of face or back dimension. Base cabinets are 34" high x 24" deep, wall cabinets are 42" high x 12" deep and full-height cabinets are 94" high x 24" deep. Labor shown is for installing shop-fabricated units. Add for countertops at the end of this section.
Metal cabinets, shop- and commercial-type, with hardware but no countertop
  Base cabinet, drawer, door and shelf D4@.379 LF 123.00 17.70 140.70
  Wall cabinet with door and 2 shelves D4@.462 LF 113.00 21.50 134.50
  Full-height cabinet, 5 shelves D4@.595 LF 228.00 27.80 255.80
  Library shelving, 48" high x 8" deep modules D4@.336 LF 80.10 15.70 95.80
  Wardrobe units, 72" high x 42" deep D4@.398 LF 198.00 18.60 216.60
Custom-made wood cabinets, no hardware or countertops included, unfinished, 36" wide modules. For more complete coverage of custom-built cabinets, see National Framing and Finish Carpentry Estimator at
  Standard grade, inexpensive wood veneer or laminate face
    Base C8@.256 LF 97.60 11.80 109.40
    Wall C8@.380 LF 74.30 17.60 91.90
    Full-height C8@.426 LF 169.00 19.70 188.70
  Better grade, wenge wood
    Base, flat slab door panels C8@.361 LF 187.00 16.70 203.70
    Wall, with end panels, edge band, top trim C8@.529 LF 171.00 24.50 195.50
    Island base cabinets, matching back panel C8@.629 LF 338.00 29.10 367.10
  Additional costs for custom wood cabinets
    Prefinished exterior — LF 7.93 — 7.93
    Prefinished interior — LF 13.60 — 13.60
    Standard hardware, installed — LF 6.33 — 6.33
    Institutional grade hardware, installed — LF 9.22 — 9.22
    Drawer roller guides, per drawer — Ea 10.60 — 10.60
    Drawer roller guides, suspension — Ea 32.90 — 32.90

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