Cabinets (cont.) Cost per linear foot of face or back dimension. Base cabinets are 34" high x 24" deep, wall cabinets are 42" high x 12" deep and full-height cabinets are 94" high x 24" deep. Labor shown is for installing shop-fabricated units. Add for countertops at the end of this section.
    Extra drawers
      12" wide — Ea 68.30 — 68.30
      18" wide — Ea 80.00 — 80.00
      24" wide — Ea 87.40 — 87.40
Classroom-type wood cabinets, laminated plastic face, with hardware but no countertop
  Base cabinet, drawer, door and shelf C8@.391 LF 227.00 18.10 245.10
  Wall cabinet with door and 2 shelves C8@.475 LF 198.00 22.00 220.00
  Full height cabinet with doors C8@.608 LF 322.00 28.10 350.10
Hospital-type wood cabinets, laminated plastic face, with hardware but no countertop
  Base cabinet, drawer, door and shelf C8@.982 LF 224.00 45.40 269.40
  Wall, with 2 shelves and door C8@1.15 LF 207.00 53.20 260.20
  Full height with doors C8@1.35 LF 301.00 62.40 363.40
Laboratory-type metal cabinets, with hardware but no countertop
  Base cabinet with door D4@.785 LF 186.00 36.60 222.60
  Base cabinet with drawers D4@.785 LF 233.00 36.60 269.60
  Base cabinets, island base D4@.785 LF 233.00 36.60 269.60
  Wall cabinet with metal door D4@.785 LF 175.00 36.60 211.60
  Wall cabinet with framed glass door D4@.785 LF 228.00 36.60 264.60
  Wall cabinets with no doors D4@.785 LF 149.00 36.60 185.60
  Wardrobe or storage cabinet, 80" high, with door D4@.939 LF 471.00 43.80 514.80
  Storage cabinet, 80" high, no door D4@.939 LF 283.00 43.80 326.80
  Fume hoods, steel, without duct, typical cost T5@3.88 Ea 940.00 194.00 1,134.00
    Add for duct, without electric work, typical cost T5@16.6 LF 1,360.00 829.00 2,189.00
Countertops, shop fabricated, delivered ready for installation.
Laminated plastic tops 2'0" wide over plywood base
  Custom work, square edge front, 4" splash C8@.187 LF 33.00 8.64 41.64
    Add for square edge 9" backsplash — LF 10.80 — 10.80
    Add for solid colors — LF 3.18 — 3.18
    Add for acid-proof tops — LF 24.50 — 24.50
Stainless steel, 2'0" wide with backsplash C8@.366 LF 84.20 16.90 101.10
Cigarette Disposal Units
20 gauge stainless steel with grate. For cigarettes and cigars
      5-1/4" x 5-3/16" x 8-3/8" wall mounted CM@.500 Ea 163.00 25.20 188.20
      5-1/4" x 5-3/16" x 8-3/8" pole mounted CM@.750 Ea 173.00 37.80 210.80
  13" x 16" x 43" wall mounted CM@.600 Ea 197.00 30.20 227.20
  13" x 16" x 43" pole mounted CM@.900 Ea 222.00 45.40 267.40
  15" x 16" x 43" wall mounted with trash can CM@.750 Ea 464.00 37.80 501.80
  15" x 16" x 43" pole mounted with trash can CM@1.25 Ea 485.00 63.00 548.00
Recessed Open Link Entry Mats These costs assume that mats are mounted in an aluminum frame recessed into a concrete walkway and do not include concrete work, special designs or lettering
  Polypropylene, 3/8" thick D4@.560 SF 12.00 26.10 38.10
  Coconut husk fiber, 1/2" thick D4@.560 SF 13.50 26.10 39.60
  Recessed rubber D4@.560 SF 6.50 26.10 32.60

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