12 Special Construction (cont.)
Swimming pool covers, retractable motor-operated, track mounted, including the motor, gearing, retracting reel, pulley system, electric controls and remote switch. For square or rectangular pools. Add the cost of concrete work for the winding reel enclosure, electric supply and the cover.
  3/4 HP drive motor and reel (to 600 SF water surface) — Ea — — 4,750.00
  1-1/4 HP drive motor and reel (to 1,200 SF water surface) — Ea — — 5,950.00
  Add for the vinyl cover, per SF of water surface — SF — — 3.93
Access for the Disabled
Craft@Hrs Unit Material Labor Equipment Total
Use the following cost estimates when altering an existing building to meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA requires that existing public and private buildings be altered to accommodate the physically handicapped when that can be done without unreasonable difficulty or expense.
Ramps, flared aprons and landings Concrete access ramps, flared aprons and landings, 2,000 PSI concrete placed directly from the chute of a ready-mix truck, vibrated and finished. Costs include typical wire mesh reinforcing and an allowance for waste but no excavation, backfill or foundations.
  24" vertical rise (4' wide x 25' long) C8@40.0 Ea 1,230.00 1,850.00 — 3,080.00
  36" vertical rise (4' wide x 38' long) C8@60.0 Ea 2,360.00 2,770.00 — 5,130.00
  48" vertical rise (4' wide x 50' long) C8@96.0 Ea 3,470.00 4,440.00 — 7,910.00
Access aprons at curbs, flared and inclined, 2' long x 8' wide
  4" thick (80 SF per CY) P9@.024 SF 3.01 1.14 — 4.15
  6" thick (54 SF per CY) P9@.032 SF 4.53 1.52 — 6.05
Landings, 4" thick walls on three sides and 4" thick top slab cast against an existing structure on one side. Costs include pipe sleeves for railings, sand fill in cavity and an allowance for waste.
  3'0" high with 6' x 6' square slab C8@32.0 Ea 1,020.00 1,480.00 — 2,500.00
  Add per vertical foot of height over 3'0" — VLF 193.00 — — 193.00
Steel access ramps, 4140 carbon steel, 1" rise per foot of run, 8 gauge diamond pattern steel plate and 2" diameter handrail with electrostatic vinyl paint coating. Includes fabrication and assembly but no excavation. Add the cost of post foundations.
  Per square foot of ramp surface T3@.150 SF 4.15 7.84 — 11.99
Redwood access ramps, S4S kiln-dried or better redwood, based on ramps with 1-inch rise foot of run, 6" x 6" posts supporting 2" x 12" beams with steel cross-bracing 36" OC. 2" x 6" decking with 2" diameter railing. Includes fabrication and assembly but no excavation. Add the cost of post foundations.
  Per square foot of ramp surface B9@.150 SF 2.47 4.87 — 7.34
Snow-melting cable for ramps and landings. Includes 208-277 volt AC self-regulating heater cable designed to be encased in concrete. Based on cable connected to an existing power source adjacent to the installation
  Heater cable
      (1.1 LF per SF of pavement) CE@.015 SF 9.46 .89 — 10.35
  Power connection kit CE@.500 Ea 27.50 29.60 — 57.10
  Thermostat CE@.500 Ea 224.00 29.60 — 253.60
Railing for ramps and landings Welded steel. Equipment cost shown is for a flatbed truck and a welding machine.
Wall-mounted handrails with brackets 5' OC, based on 12' lengths
  1-1/4" diameter rail, shop prime painted H6@.092 LF 7.83 4.86 .51 13.20
  1-1/2" diameter rail, shop prime painted H6@.102 LF 9.16 5.39 .57 15.12
  Add for galvanized finish — % 20.0 — — —

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