Surgeons’ scrub sink
Wall-hung wash sink, white enameled cast iron, 48" long, 18" deep, trough-type with 2 twin-handled faucets and two soap dishes
  Wash sink, trim and valves (add rough-in) P6@2.50 Ea 1,170.00 128.00 1,298.00
  Add for foot or knee pedal operation P6@.500 Ea 138.00 25.70 163.70
  Add for electronic infrared hands free operation P6@.500 Ea 170.00 25.70 195.70
  Add for stainless steel in lieu of enameled cast iron — Ea 205.00 — 205.00
Floor sinks EMCO Supply
  12" square sink, cast iron top and body (add rough-in) P6@1.00 Ea 208.00 51.40 259.40
  Add for an acid-resistant finish to the sink — Ea 34.80 — 34.80
Sauna Room Commercial dry type, with insulated prefabricated 6' wide by 12' long by 8' high enclosure, with premounted cedar inner walls and ceiling and three-tier benches, roof vent, electric stone floor-mounted heater module with thermostat regulator, grouted stone floor, sanitary floor drain with cleanout, adjoining three-stall fiberglass shower stall with fixtures and drain.
  Commercial sauna enclosure module — Ea 7,060.00 — 7,060.00
  Prep & sealing of floor B9@8.00 Ea 434.00 260.00 694.00
  Pouring of floor B9@8.00 Ea — 260.00 260.00
  Tiling of floor B1@8.00 Ea 868.00 266.00 1,134.00
  Ceiling fabrication B1@8.00 Ea — 266.00 266.00
  Running of vents SW@8.00 Ea 217.00 331.00 548.00
  Running of drain P6@4.00 Ea 109.00 205.00 314.00
  Electrical for heat and lighting CE@4.00 Ea 163.00 237.00 400.00
  Mounting of benches B1@4.00 Ea — 133.00 133.00
  Installation of sealed portal B1@4.00 Ea 271.00 133.00 404.00
  Running of CW/HW piping and valves P6@8.00 Ea 353.00 411.00 764.00
  3-stall shower module installation and piping P6@16.0 Ea 814.00 822.00 1,636.00
Subtotal — Ea 3,229.00 3,324.00 6,553.00
Grand Total (with Sauna Module) — Ea 10,289.00 3,324.00 13,613.00
Unit heaters, gas fired, ceiling suspended, with flue and gas valve, propeller fan with aluminized heat exchanger, Modine PAE series [view picture]
      50 MBtu input M5@4.75 Ea 953.00 241.00 1,194.00
      75 MBtu input M5@4.75 Ea 1,040.00 241.00 1,281.00
  125 MBtu input M5@5.25 Ea 1,310.00 267.00 1,577.00
  175 MBtu input M5@5.50 Ea 1,460.00 280.00 1,740.00
  225 MBtu input MI@6.75 Ea 1,670.00 366.00 2,036.00
  300 MBtu input MI@7.50 Ea 2,060.00 407.00 2,467.00
  400 MBtu input MI@8.75 Ea 2,730.00 475.00 3,205.00
  Add for single stage intermittent ignition pilot — LS 215.00 — 215.00
  Add for high efficiency units (PV series) — % 35.0 — —
  Add for stainless steel burner — % 20.0 — —
  Add for air blower style fan — % 10.0 — —
  Add for switch and thermostat CE@1.00 Ea 58.60 59.20 117.80
  Add for gas supply pipe connection M5@1.75 Ea 95.30 89.00 184.30
  Add for typical electric run, BX E4@2.50 Ea 118.00 125.00 243.00

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