Closed Circuit Television Systems
Outdoor television camera in weatherproof housing, cable preinstalled.
Wall or roof mount, professional grade E4@.500 Ea 1,540.00 24.90 1,564.90
Wall or roof mount, economy E4@.500 Ea 215.00 24.90 239.90
Self-terminating outlet box, cover plate E4@.245 Ea 4.83 12.20 17.03
Coaxial cable (RG59/J), 75 ohms, no raceway included E4@.006 LF .33 .30 .63
In-line cable taps (PTU) for 36" TV system E4@.689 Ea 7.26 34.30 41.56
  Cable blocks for in-line taps Ea 3.78 3.78
Desk-type TV monitor, 19" diagonal screen, 75 ohms, labor includes hookup only 4 camera inputs E4@.500 Ea 329.00 24.90 353.90
Security CCTV digital video recorder central control station, modular single-unit type. Allows up to 16 discrete channels and simultaneous real-time monitoring of all 16 channels. Digital video recorder saves pictures every 3 seconds per channel. Password control access to DVD data only. Cost includes monitor, PC, software, cable connectors for sixteen stations, keyboard, mouse, software training and installation. Add the cost of wiring to digital CCTV’s.
  Security CCTV recorder control station CE@4.0 Ea 5,370.00 237.00 5,607.00
Public Address Paging Systems
Signal cable, #22 solid copper polyethylene insulated, PVC jacketed wire Pulled in conduit, no conduit included E4@.008 LF .15 .40 .55
Microphone, desk type, push to talk, with 7' of three conductor cable E4@.250 Ea 112.00 12.50 124.50
Wall mounted enameled steel amplifier cabinet (18" high, 24" wide, 6" deep) with electrical receptacle and lockable door E4@1.67 Ea 341.00 83.20 424.20
Amplifier, 100 watts, 4 inputs, installation includes hookup only, no wire pull Complete unit E4@.500 Ea 370.00 24.90 394.90
Wall mounted paging horns, transformer type, 250 to 13,000 Hertz, 8 ohms, 30 Watts, 10" diameter, 12" deep, gray baked enamel, labor includes hookup only [view picture]
  Interior/exterior 15/30 Watts E4@.250 Ea 68.90 12.50 81.40
Ceiling mounted 8" speaker with 12" grill, labor includes installation and hookup only, no wire pull
  8" ceiling speaker E4@.330 Ea 29.60 16.40 46.00
  8" ceiling speaker with volume E4@.330 Ea 31.90 16.40 48.30
Outdoor weather resistant speakers
  Landscape weather resistant E4@.330 Ea 233.00 16.40 249.40
  Rock landscape (high end) E4@.330 Ea 460.00 16.40 476.40
Computer Network Cable Pulled in conduit or walls. Add for connectors and cable testing. Prices are for cable purchased in bulk on 1,000' spools.
Coaxial cable
  Thin Ethernet, 50 ohm, 10BASE2 (RG58). Used in modern networks for Wireless Network high gain antennae
    PVC cable E4@.008 LF .15 .40 .55
    Plenum cable E4@.008 LF .40 .40 .80
Fiber optic cable
  Singlemode fiber optic cable, duplex is 4 strand, simplex is 1 strand
    Singlemode duplex fiber optic cables (8.3/125) E4@.012 LF .24 .60 .84
    Singlemode simplex fiber optic cables (8.3/125) E4@.012 LF .23 .60 .83
  Multimode fiber optic cable, duplex is a zip type
    Multimode duplex fiber optic cables (50/125) E4@.012 LF .27 .60 .87
    Multimode duplex fiber optic cables (62.5/125) E4@.012 LF .27 .60 .87
    Multimode simplex fiber optic cables (50/125) E4@.012 LF .27 .60 .87
    Multimode simplex fiber optic cables (62.5/125) E4@.012 LF .27 .60 .87

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