Roadway and Embankment Earthwork Cut & Fill Mass excavating, hauling, placing and compacting (cut & fill) using a 200 HP, 15 CY capacity self-propelled scraper-hauler with attachments. Productivity is based on a 1,500' haul with 6" lifts compacted to 95% per AASHO requirements. Cubic yards (CY) or square yards (SY) per hour shown are bank measurement. Use $3,000 as a minimum job charge.
Cut, fill and compact, clearing or finishing not included
  Most soil types (45 CY per hour) TO@.022 CY — 1.24 2.84 4.08
  Rock and earth mixed (40 CY per hour) TO@.025 CY — 1.41 3.22 4.63
  Rippable rock (25 CY per hour) TO@.040 CY — 2.25 5.16 7.41
Earth banks and levees, clearing or finishing not included
  Cut, fill and compact (85 CY per hour) TO@.012 CY — .67 1.55 2.22
  Channelize compacted fill
      (55 CY per hour) TO@.018 CY — 1.01 2.32 3.33
Roadway subgrade preparation
  Scarify and compact (91 CY per hour) TO@.011 CY — .62 1.42 2.04
  Roll and compact base course
      (83 CY per hour) TO@.012 CY — .67 1.55 2.22
  Excavation, open ditches (38 CY per hour) TO@.026 CY — 1.46 3.35 4.81
Trimming and finishing
  Banks, swales or ditches (140 CY per hour) TO@.007 CY — .39 .90 1.29
  Scarify asphalt pavement (48 SY per hour) TO@.021 SY — 1.18 2.71 3.89
Soil Covers
Using staked burlap and tar over straw CL@.019 SY 1.05 .77 — 1.82
Using copolymer-base sprayed-on liquid soil sealant
  On slopes for erosion control CL@.012 SY 1.69 .49 — 2.18
  On level ground for dust abatement CL@.012 SY 3.37 .49 — 3.86
Soil Stabilization See also Slope Protection. Lime slurry injection treatment. Equipment is a 100 HP grader, a 1-ton self-propelled steel roller and a 10-ton 100 HP vibratory steel roller. Use $3,000 as a minimum job charge. Cost per CY of soil treated.
    (25 CY per hour) S7@.240 CY 15.70 11.60 7.76 35.06
Vibroflotation treatment Equipment includes a 50-ton hydraulic crane, a 1 CY wheel loader for 15 minutes of each hour, and a vibroflotation machine with pumps. Use $3,500 as a minimum job charge. Typical cost per CY of soil treated.
High cost (46 CY per hour) S7@.130 CY — 6.29 6.56 12.85
Soil cement treatment Includes materials and placement for 7% cement mix. Equipment is a cross shaft mixer, a 2-ton 3- wheel steel roller and a vibratory roller. Costs shown are per CY of soil treated. Use $3,000 as a minimum job charge.
On level ground (5 CY per hour) S7@1.20 CY 13.50 58.00 31.70 103.20
On slopes under 3 in 1 (4.3 CY per hour) S7@1.40 CY 13.50 67.70 37.00 118.20
On slopes over 3 in 1 (4 CY per hour) S7@1.50 CY 13.50 72.50 39.70 125.70
Construction fabrics (geotextiles) Mirafi products. Costs shown include 10% for lapover. Drainage fabric (Mirafi 140NC), used to line trenches, allows water passage but prevents soil migration into drains.
    Per SY of fabric placed by hand CL@.016 SY 1.02 .65 — 1.67
Stabilization fabric (Mirafi 500X), used to prevent mixing of unstable soils with road base aggregate Per SY of fabric placed by hand CL@.008 SY .90 .32 — 1.22
Prefabricated drainage fabric (Miradrain), used to drain subsurface water from structural walls Per SY of fabric placed by hand CL@.006 SY 1.00 .24 — 1.24
Erosion control mat (Miramat TM8), used to reduce surface soil erosion on slopes or in ditches whilepromoting seed growth Per SY of mat placed by hand CL@.020 SY .66 .81 — 1.47

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