Caisson Foundations (cont.) Drilled in stable soil, no shoring required, filled with reinforced concrete. Add for belled bottoms, if required, from the following section. Equipment includes a truck-mounted A-frame hoist and a power operated auger and a concrete pump. Concrete is based on using 3,000 PSI pump mix delivered to the job site in ready-mix trucks and includes a 5% allowance for waste. Spiral caisson reinforcing is based on using 3/8" diameter hot rolled steel spirals with main vertical bars as shown, shop fabricated, delivered ready to install, with typical engineering and drawings. Costs for waste disposal are not included. Refer to Construction Materials Disposal section and add for same. Use $15,000 as a minimum charge, including 200 LF of reinforced concrete filled caissons and cost for moving the equipment on and off the job.
24" diameter, drilled caisson filled with reinforced concrete
  Drilling (570 VLF per day) S6@.042 VLF — 1.92 3.31 5.23
  Spiral reinforcing plus 6 #6 bars (280 VLF per day) S6@.085 VLF 52.40 3.89 6.70 62.99
  Concrete filling (280 VLF per day) S6@.086 VLF 14.30 3.93 6.77 25.00
    Total for 24" caisson S6@.213 VLF 66.70 9.74 16.78 93.22
36" diameter, drilled caisson filled with reinforced concrete
  Drilling (440 LF per day) S6@.055 VLF — 2.51 4.33 6.84
  Spiral reinforcing plus 8 #10 bars (135 VLF per day) S6@.176 VLF 94.80 8.04 13.90 116.74
  Concrete filling (125 VLF per day) S6@.194 VLF 32.30 8.87 15.30 56.47
    Total for 36" caisson S6@.425 VLF 127.10 19.42 33.53 180.05
Bell-bottom footings, concrete filled, for pre-drilled caissons. Add to the cost of any of the caissons above. (Figures in parentheses show approximate production per day based on a 3-man crew.)
6' diameter bell bottom concrete filled (8 per day) S6@3.00 Ea 371.00 137.00 236.00 744.00
8' diameter bell bottom concrete filled (4 per day S6@6.00 Ea 878.00 274.00 473.00 1,625.00
32 Exterior Improvements
Fine grading and compacting existing subbase To within plus or minus 1/10' P5@.066 SY .01 2.94 2.19 5.14
Stone aggregate base, Class 2. Includes grading and compacting of base material.
      Class 2 stone aggregate base, per CY — CY 37.00 — — 37.00
      Class 2 stone aggregate base, per ton — Ton 26.50 — — 26.50
      1" thick base (36 SY per CY) P5@.008 SY 1.03 .36 .27 1.66
      4" thick base (9 SY per CY) P5@.020 SY 4.12 .89 .66 5.67
      6" thick base (6 SY per CY) P5@.033 SY 6.17 1.47 1.09 8.73
      8" thick base (4.5 SY per CY) P5@.039 SY 8.23 1.74 1.29 11.26
  10" thick base (3.6 SY per CY) P5@.042 SY 10.30 1.87 1.39 13.56
  12" thick base (3 SY per CY) P5@.048 SY 12.40 2.14 1.59 16.13
Asphalt materials Equipment includes a 10' wide self-propelled paving machine and a 4-ton two axle steel drum roller
Binder course, spread and rolled
  Binder course, per ton — Ton 74.70 — — 74.70
  1" thick (18 SY per ton) P5@.028 SY 4.15 1.25 1.09 6.49
  1-1/2" thick (12 SY per ton) P5@.036 SY 6.22 1.60 1.56 9.38

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