for door work 1C@2.50 ea 45.80 154.00 199.80
Folding Door. Folding doors usually used in closets. Includes folding door section with hardware (including track, pins, hinges and a basic pull as needed). Priced per section of folding door. Does not include jamb or casing. Folding doors are often called bi-fold doors.
  replace, hardboard smooth or wood-textured [view picture] 1C@.394 ea 38.10 24.20 62.30
  replace, hardboard wood-textured and embossed 1C@.394 ea 43.50 24.20 67.70
  replace, mahogany (lauan) or birch veneer 1C@.394 ea 40.70 24.20 64.90
  replace, ash or oak veneer 1C@.394 ea 44.40 24.20 68.60
  replace, walnut or cherry veneer 1C@.394 ea 50.80 24.20 75.00
  replace, paint-grade pine panel 1C@.394 ea 66.30 24.20 90.50
  replace, stain-grade pine panel 1C@.394 ea 81.60 24.20 105.80
  replace, paint-grade pine full-louvered [view picture] 1C@.394 ea 78.20 24.20 102.40
  replace, stain-grade pine full-louvered 1C@.394 ea 90.70 24.20 114.90
  replace, paint-grade pine half-louvered [view picture] 1C@.394 ea 74.30 24.20 98.50
  replace, stain-grade pine half-louvered 1C@.394 ea 86.20 24.20 110.40
  replace, red oak folding panel [view picture] 1C@.394 ea 99.70 24.20 123.90
  replace, folding mirrored 1C@.394 ea 114.00 24.20 138.20
  remove, folding door 1D@.114 ea — 4.79 4.79
  remove, folding doors for work, reinstall 1C@.148 ea — 9.10 9.10
Bypassing Door. Usually used in closets. Priced per door section. Includes track and hardware. For jamb & casing see below.
Bypassing door (per section) [view picture]
  replace, hardboard smooth or wood textured 1C@.755 ea 74.90 46.40 121.30
  replace, hardboard wood-textured and embossed 1C@.755 ea 84.20 46.40 130.60
  replace, mahogany (lauan) or birch veneer 1C@.755 ea 81.60 46.40 128.00
  replace, ash or oak veneer 1C@.755 ea 85.00 46.40 131.40
  replace, walnut or cherry veneer 1C@.755 ea 106.00 46.40 152.40
  replace, paint-grade pine panel [view picture] 1C@.755 ea 129.00 46.40 175.40
  replace, stain-grade pine panel 1C@.755 ea 158.00 46.40 204.40
  replace, red oak panel door 1C@.755 ea 201.00 46.40 247.40
  replace, paint-grade pine full-louvered [view picture] 1C@.755 ea 150.00 46.40 196.40
  replace, stain-grade pine full-louvered 1C@.755 ea 179.00 46.40 225.40

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