minimum charge for siding work 6S@3.00 ea 71.10 159.00 230.10
Fiberglass corrugated siding. Includes fiberglass panels, rust-resistant nails, purlins with corrugated pattern, end caps when needed, boots, roofing felt, valley metal, drip edge, ridge cap, fasteners, and installation. Weights are per sf. Includes 4% waste. Greenhouse style.
  replace, 8 ounce 6S@.028 sf 3.06 1.48 4.54
  replace, 12 ounce 6S@.028 sf 4.25 1.48 5.73
  remove 1D@.007 sf — .29 .29
Aluminum siding. Includes siding with trim pieces, fasteners, and installation. Also includes 4% waste.
  replace, standard grade 6S@.034 sf 2.21 1.80 4.01
  replace, high grade 6S@.034 sf 2.59 1.80 4.39
  replace, deluxe grade 6S@.034 sf 3.06 1.80 4.86
  replace, custom grade 6S@.034 sf 4.43 1.80 6.23
  remove 1D@.008 sf — .34 .34
  add for insulated siding — sf .62 — .62
Cement fiber shingle siding. Includes cement fiber shingle siding, rust-resistant nails, and installation. Includes 4% waste. Also called asbestos cement. Some older styles contain dangerous asbestos which must be removed using hazardous material removal techniques.
  replace, standard grade 6S@.045 sf 1.85 2.39 4.24
  replace, high grade 6S@.045 sf 2.33 2.39 4.72
  remove 1D@.013 sf — .55 .55
  replace single shingle 6S@.477 sf 3.88 25.30 29.18
  minimum charge to repair
      cement fiber siding 6S@3.00 ea 56.00 159.00 215.00
Shake or wood shingle siding. Includes shake or wood shingles, rust-resistant nails, and installation. Does not include backing or furring strips. Also includes 4% waste.
  replace, standard grade 6S@.045 sf 1.63 2.39 4.02
  replace, high grade 6S@.045 sf 1.80 2.39 4.19
  replace, deluxe grade 6S@.045 sf 2.16 2.39 4.55
  replace, custom grade (fancy cut) 6S@.045 sf 2.93 2.39 5.32
  remove 1D@.014 sf — .59 .59
  replace single shingle 6S@.408 ea 4.68 21.60 26.28
  minimum charge to replace
      shake or wood shingle 6S@3.25 ea 64.00 172.00 236.00
Vinyl siding. Includes siding with trim pieces, fasteners, and installation. Includes 4% waste.
  replace, standard grade 6S@.034 sf 2.58 1.80 4.38
  replace, high grade 6S@.034 sf 2.94 1.80 4.74
  replace, deluxe grade 6S@.034 sf 4.42 1.80 6.22
  remove 1D@.007 sf — .29 .29
  add for insulated siding — sf .70 — .70

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